• Searches Down, Google Up
    The comScore Networks monthly search analysis of activity across competitive search engines revealed that Google reinforced its status January 2006 as market leader of the U.S. search market with a 41.4 percent share of all searches submitted, up more than 6 share points versus year ago. Yahoo! maintained the #2 spot in the ranking with 28.7 percent share of all searches, while MSN ranked third capturing 13.7 percent of all online searches.
  • Radio Starts Year Big
    Based on the RAB Radio Revenue Index of more than 150 markets radio jumpstarts 2006 with a 6% increase in national ad sales figures for January compared to the same month from 2005. Local Radio revenue slumped a bit, inching down 1% this January compared to last January. The biggest gain for the medium came in Non-Spot Revenue, which shot up 10% this January over January 2005.
  • While TV is First For News, Newspapers Are Close Second
    The results of a nationwide poll in January, by Harris Interactive, show that seven in 10 u.s. adults watch broadcast news at least several times a week and two in five adults say they listen to satellite radio programming or read a national newspaper as often.
  • Keep Searchers' Searches Private Says the Public
    The Bush Administration recently asked a federal judge to order the Internet company Google to turn over records of all searches performed with its search engine in a random week to facilitate their efforts to determine the extent to which web searches turn up objectionable sites. Google refused, claiming that the release of such information threatens the privacy rights of its users.
  • Red Wine Boosts Food Checks
    According to The NPD Group, Americans like to drink alcohol with their meals. The recent study found that 37 percent of adults (ages 21 and over) include alcohol with their casual/fine dining restaurant dinners from Friday to Sunday, compared to 34 percent between Monday and Thursday.
  • Men And Women Equal Internet Viewers of News Content
    A deeper drill-down to look at top current event and global news sites, including viewer demographics, advertisers, ad sizes and delivery types.
  • Consumer Confidence Down But Future Brighter
    The February BIGresearch Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey finds that consumer confidence declines three points from last month yet the 90 day outlook brightens as all categories improve from January and fewer consumers contend they've become more practical in the last 6 months.
  • Online Adopted by 80 Percent of Advertisers
    According to the recent Outsell annual Ad Spending Study to analyze differences across advertisers and the markets they target: B2B, B2C, and Healthcare, Yahoo! and MSN face extended minority status in the ratings of advertisers if they don't change the perception that ads on Google are more effective.
  • Smaller Newspapers Deliver Better Performance
    According to Jim Chisholm, Strategy Advisor to the World Association of Newspapers, speaking to an audience of senior American newspaper executives, newspaper readers like smaller formats. And while the large circulation increases reported by downsized newspapers tend to disappear over time, those newspapers that utilize format change as part of a wider commercial strategy see gains in reader loyalty and advertising yield.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Finance Dominate Magazine Ad Gains in Early 2006
    According to Publishers Information Bureau (PIB) data in February, total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue for the month of January 2006 was up slightly compared to January of last year, closing at $1,220,291,103. Ad pages for January totaled 13,342.55, a decline of 1.9% over January 2005.
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