• Video-On-Demand In Demand
    onsumers around the globe are tuning in to digital video in increasing numbers. In April, 2016, a report from Nielsen showed 65% of internet users worldwide watched some type of video-on-demand (VOD), including both short-form and long-form content.
  • Triggered Campaigns Relevant, Timely and Interactive
    Half of consumers purchase more from retailers that use their interests and purchase behavior to personalize their experience. Furthermore, 53% of consumers said they spend more with brands that make website product recommendations based on browsing or buying behaviors.
  • New Technologies And Revenue Sources Provide Hope For Local And Regional Newspapers
    The overall confidence in the sustainability of the local and regional newspaper industry has remained virtually unchanged from last year. However, 33% of publishers believe that the industry is getting better.
  • "... Just Want To Go To The Bank"
    While digital innovation is a critical element in addressing and anticipating client needs and improving profitability, it's just as vital to deliver on the non-digital fronts as well, especially when customers expect a personalized experience.
  • Evolving Behaviors Of The Empowered Consumer
    Empowered consumers fuel the age of the customer, but they now have more choices, richer resources, and higher demands than in the past. It is a measurable trend.
  • Messaging With Business Reaches Mainstream
    Mobile messaging with businesses is quite mainstream, with 65% of mobile users surveyed having communicated with businesses via messaging app, and 76% having done so via SMS.
  • The Digital Commerce Landscape
    Consumers still prefer to purchase products on desktops and laptops rather than on smartphones and tablets, as 3 out of 4 respondents have indicated.
  • Social Media Is A "Must Do" For Enterprise Marketers
    Enterprises typically use social media to increase website traffic, enhance their brand image, and target their audience and influencers, but, they also indicate that they struggle to develop a robust social media strategy, track results, and keep up with platform changes.
  • A Heads-Up On Holiday Retailing Strategies
    Former strategy and innovation executive, Kim Garretson, shares data from a frequent shoppers study by e-tailing on consumer holiday shopping behaviors in 2015, alerting retailers to consumer responses in planning for the upcoming season.
  • CMOs Responsible For Brand Purpose
    According to a study by Edelman entitled "The Earned Brand," presented by Marketing Charts, brands are failing consumers' expectations when it comes to purpose and engagement.
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