• NBC Wins Product Placement Contest So Far
    In the age of on-demand, advertiser-less programming, which network wins--for marketers? Looking at some early returns: NBC has a strong lead. Why? If you believe your local branded entertainment marketers, they would say, you'll be seeing advertising anyway, woven into TV shows.
  • A Puzzlement? Toyota Leaves "Nip/Tuck," But Show Still Sold Out For Season
    F/X's "Nip/Tuck" has seemingly lost an advertiser, Toyota Motor Corp., because of content issues. Sounds like bad news. Actually, it's no news.
  • Lots Of Sex On TV, But Who's Watching?
    Just in case you didn't know--there's a lot of sex on network TV, much more than seven years ago. But factor in this: Since that time, there are fewer viewers watching network TV.
  • ESPN Will Never Leave Your Side: It's In Your DNA
    ESPN thinks its branded-everything, Sanyo-made cell phone, Mobile ESPN, will cater to every home run, dunk and statistic fans crave--even when taking out the garbage.
  • Networks' Move To On-demand World Could Wreak Havoc On Aftermarket
    TV networks have finally put on their out-of-the-box thinking caps--moving from advertising-only businesses into a cable-like, subscription fee model. It will not be an easy transition--especially for its traditional aftermarket businesses.
  • NBC's Prime Time Is Down But Leno Is Still Up
    There's always the unexplainable to consider in television. Now NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" can be added to the list.
  • Crime Won't Pay For NBC's Sleuth Network
    This is the arresting programming we all need: Another generic back-library-based cable channel full of exhaustively rerun shows such as "The A Team," "Miami Vice" and "Knight Rider," and crime-based movies. Someone should be questioned.
  • CNN's Aaron Brown Has Left The Network... Or Other Words To That Effect
    It's amazing CNN can get away with removing one of its prime-time anchors with this simple refrain: "We had no show to offer him." Perhaps the network means something else. Nobody likes to say it these days, but unfortunately, the highly regarded CNN newsman Aaron Brown, host of "NewsNight," seems to have been fired
  • NATPE To Focus On Piracy, Content Protection
    With the explosion of new technologies for TV content primarily targeted for distribution on traditional TV screens, it's no wonder protection and piracy are high on the list of concerns for major industry leaders and programming forums.
  • Thursday Night Is Where Programmers Want To Play
    Out of the TV baseball playoffs and into the storm of the November sweeps and the rest of the season, comes the real game for TV programmers. The real meeting place looks to be on Thursday night.
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