• Tell Me, OLN: Who Are You?
    My early morning Tour de France live viewing barely gets out of my dreamworld-- I kept seeing Marg Helgenberger and William Peterson on carbon fiber bikes.
  • From The Writer Who Brought You Many Great TV Business Stories...
    Mull over this possible tagline for a hypothetical MediaPost trade ad: "Coming soon, from the writer of 'TV Watch'--a new upfront TV advertising story."
  • TV Summer Whines On
    This summer, for TV executives and talent, it's all about being hot and whining, and all business--nothing but business.
  • HBO Seeks New Critically Acclaimed, High-Rated Show
    Home Box Office always had history on its side--and sometimes, innovation. Just when you thought the pay-cable network couldn't pull off a big creative show, it gave you "Six Feet Under" or "Deadwood." But now HBO has bigger hurdles to jump--trying to give TV viewers a show with big creative juice and big ratings.
  • ABC Starts 2007 Upfront Negotiations This Summer
    It's July, and ABC has started up the upfront--for 2007.
  • Tour De France And World Cup: Two Different Ratings Stories
    This summer two different European-centic sports are offering two different TV results with U.S. viewers. The early days of this year's Tour de France lost almost 50 percent of its U.S. viewers versus a year ago, while during a similar time, U.S. viewers for the World Cup soccer event climbed 65 percent versus four year ago.
  • Emmy Nominations: A Rerun We've Seen Before
    It's a tough road being special in TV these days, when everything is instantly available. That goes double for the Emmys.
  • The Season, The Summer, The Upfront, The Emmys: Fox Stays Hot
    Say what you will about Fox's sweaty upfront presentation in May, its sometimes brusque leader in Rupert Murdoch, its history of rough, sometimes politically incorrect and fast-burn-out reality shows--these days, give the network its due.
  • Verizon Versus Cable Companies: National Is Better Than Local
    It's tough to side with big media companies that whine about regulations that they can't be allowed to sink their claws deeper into consumers' pockets....
  • For Syndication And Cable, The Holiday Is Here, But So Is The Barbecuing
    Make it a longer than usual holiday weekend for syndication and cable executives....
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