• Too Much Celebrity News On TV -- Or Not Enough?
    Are there too many celebrity scandals on TV --- or too many TV news channels chasing too little news? Perhaps there isn't enough news about drunken, anti-Semitic, bad-driving, actors.
  • The War For TV News: Fan Bloggers Vs. TV Critics
    TV networks now have a full-fledged consumer Internet marketing convention to get out the word on new TV shows, called Comic-Con. The convention that began as a comic book event for regular fans is now a lot more. It's moved way past films and TV about comic book characters. First TV shows and films with any hint of sci-fi/mystery appeal made the cut. Now Comic-Con has taken on any TV or film entertainment with potential for crazy fan appeal.
  • Big Business Wins At News Corp. -- Not Big-Business Journalism
    Start your Murdoch clock: The Wall Street Journal is now in News Corp. camp, and possible business and marketing improvements will ramp up -- but probably not journalistic upgrades. Watch out for Wall Street Journal associations in News Corp. high-profile properties -- Fox shows like "House," "Bones," or "American Idol." "Was that a copy of the Wall Street Journal under Simon Cowell's arm while he was walking to an early-run 'Idol' audition?" a TV business reporter might ask next January.
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