• Fox First To Get Viewers Involved In Newest Network-Operator Tussle
    Another TV threat has started -- this one from the broadcast networks, now saying: "Tell your cable, satellite or telco operator to get on board with 'TV Everywhere' plans -- otherwise we'll hold your favorite show hostage."
  • Some Networks Should Take More TV Advertising -- And Stop The Kvetching
    With all the problems AMC has with its TV producers, maybe it should just sell more advertising and make more money for everyone.
  • CBS News May Not Have Invented Original TV Reporting, But Its Promo Says So
    In its latest promo, CBS News says it does "original reporting" -- and then some. "Original reporting" probably isn't the perfect snappy phrase to pull in viewers, but does give viewers a framework compared to what they can see elsewhere -- on the Internet; on opinion-centric cable news channels such as Fox News and MSNBC; and on others like CNN, HLH or Current TV. There
  • Jumpy Summer Thoughts On TV Sports Achilles, Stocks, Dancing Leaps, And Gold
    Well, Glenn Beck is at least right about one thing: We all should have jumped and bought gold. That's just one of the key images and thoughts about summer television that creeps into the minds at TV Watch.
  • Cycling Through TV And Marketing Revenues -- And Hitting Some Hard Climbs
    What would you give to be associated with an international professional sports team that brought in $400 million in media value over four years? Is this the New York Yankees? The Green Bay Packers? Manchester United? No. Try an international professional road cycling team, the San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based HTC-Highroad, which has garnered almost 500 wins in four years. Oh yeah, the team is disbanding at the end of the year because it can't get a sponsor.
  • Media Stocks Dancing Around, Advertising Budgets Not Yet Taking The Lead
    Want to make something of those bigger losses the media companies are getting hit with as part of the stock market gyrations? On Monday, media stocks -- the Dow Jones U.S. broadcasting and entertainment index -- tumbled nearly 7.3%, while the broader Dow Jones Industrials sank 5.6%. In a month, the Dow Jones Industrials sunk almost 15%; the broadcasting/entertainment index 20%. CBS got the biggest slap among all big media companies, down over 10% on Monday.
  • TV Hoarders: Your Days Are Numbered!
    This is a call to end the boxes -- all the boxes in front of our beautiful television screens. The trend is already there with Internet-connect TVs, but you know how stuff can linger. Perhaps consumers don't currently mind DVR boxes and other set-top-box equipment from cable, satellite or telco companies. They're our adult toys, after all.
  • Television In Reverse: Backing Up To A New Financial Window
    For all the buzz of premium digital video services, right now all the big money to be gained from advertising comes from the traditional TV market. Sure, the Internet -- and Hulu, in particular -- can deliver cost-per-thousand three to four times that of traditional network, cable, and syndication. But overall out-of-pocket advertising deals are still crumbs to many. And sites like Hulu are still virtually a catch-up, rerun service of original network and cable prime-time shows. Now comes a plan from those who want to revive two big-profile daytime soaps that will soon end on ABC -- "All …
  • The Real Worries With NBC's 'The Playboy Club'
    Protesting NBC's "The Playboy Club"? That only makes me want to see it more. The trouble is, it might not be as titillating as some would hope.
  • New FCC Rules Go Back To The Future For Cable Companies
    The FCC doesn't like those glaringly bad public battles between cable networks and broadcast networks over rates, which force more than a few channels into blackout mode. Consumers don't know who to side with on those issues.
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