• Playing With Fan Affection, NBA Should Remember Other Sports Lockouts
    TV networks don't need to panic yet when it comes to the NBA. But the real issue is cumulative: What happens when another major sports league lockout, strike, work stoppage -- or whatever anyone calls it -- happens. This stuff can result in collateral damage.
  • Is Google Seeking Bigger Commitment In Long-Distance Relationship With Tv?
    Google doesn't really need TV. But it would really like to sell many more TV ads -- and maybe use TV to market more of itself.
  • TV Stations, Local Advertisers Brace For 2012 Political Ad Season
    Too much of a good thing? TV stations will be getting a whiff of this next year when it comes to a really big kick up of TV political ad revenues -- estimated to net north of $3.2 billion. The rub of these big election years always hits regular, nontraditional political advertisers like a black-eye. That's because political advertising -- by FCC mandate -- not only gives marketers the "lowest unit charge," it allows political spots to pre-empt a TV station's more regular, nontraditional political media. Regular TV advertisers can be left in the …
  • Some Shows Are Just For Show
    "Why are you using that towel?," my father complained. "Well, it was by the sink, Dad," I said. "I figured it was...." "That's a 'show' towel!" he said angrily. Show towel? For "show," I guessed, not for drying. Which now has me wondering: What if a TV network put on a show that wasn't exactly made to be watched -- a show, in effect, that just filled space.
  • YouTube Premium TV Plans: Still Searching For Right Promotional Formula
    YouTube continues to be positioned as a considerable threat when it comes to starting up premium TV channels -- somewhat akin to Hulu. But is it serious or just still messing around?
  • Analyzing A Cord-Cutter's Diary
    There should be more "diary of a cord cutter" pieces like the one the Washington Times ran this week. It's a subject that captivates just about everyone in media -- and it's a lot of fun to analyze a person or household's attempt to save maybe $2,000 or so a year.
  • The Reality Of Divorce
    E! has made big business of all things Kardashian. Can it extend this relationship further -- through thick and thin? Only your favorite advertising knows for sure.
  • Entertainment Business Doing Well -- Or Is It?
    The New York Times' circulation is up for the first time in five years, movie prices rose over the last three months, and there's more money for home video entertainment sales for the first time in nearly four years. Are things changing for the media industry, is it more of the same, or just a couple of regularly untimed blips?
  • Kentucky Tries To Reach The Super Bowl
    Would-be marketers, big and small, are always looking for some big TV impact, hopefully in the middle of the biggest event in television, the Super Bowl. Many have the wherewithal, only to be rejected for content issues. Others lack the basics, so they resort to Plan B. The great state of Kentucky now has the first problem, looking to help pay a big $3.5 million for 30 seconds worth of prime television viewer attention during the Super Bowl on NBC come this February.
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