• Better Whining About TV Shows
    Help a TV brand out -- or any brand, for that matter. That's what we customers want to do, apparently, according to a new survey. Eight out of ten Internet users actually want to tell marketers ways to make better products and services. I'm guessing this pertains to TV shows, as well.
  • The Oscars' New Host: Bold Move Or Tired Rerun?
    Naming Seth MacFarlane the host of ABC's "The 85th Academy Awards" next February seems on the surface to be a bold and smart move. The guy can sing, act, and, oh yeah, write and produce blisteringly sarcastic stuff. I'm talking about "Family Guy," of course. But wait a second. If you think MacFarlane will glom his "Family Guy" attitude onto the hallowed big movie event, you'd be wrong.
  • Completed Pass Or Dropped Ball, Sports CPMs Keep Going Up
    Many of the NFL's actions over the past several weeks may come down to one observation by TV media buyers: The cost per thousand viewers of sports TV, or CPMs, will grow.
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