• Make Super Bowl Sunday A National Holiday!
    This isn't the first time it's been suggested. Popular New York sports talk show host Mike Francesa has lobbied for it, while surely others have as well. It's time to turn Super Bowl Sunday into what would amount to a national holiday. The NFL should extend its playoffs by two weeks, moving the Super Bowl to the day before Presidents' Day, when much of America has off.
  • AIG Seeks Rebranding With Latest TV Spots
    Of course, it doesn't take much to spark bickering in Washington. So for those sick of it -- even the people doing it say they are -- the less potential fuel for the fire, the better. Which means it's a relief that the massive AIG bailout in late 2008 happened during the Bush II administration. Had it been the handiwork of President Obama, cable news airwaves might be loaded with conservatives accusing the giant insurer of being in the pocket of the Obama administration.
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