• Omaha Is Calling: Words To The Promotionally Minded Athlete
    Please name your city -- or associated product -- in any connection with a major TV sports franchise. Any in-game branding opportunities?
  • Developing A TV Show Amid Rushed Consumers, Demanding Marketers
    TV shows still need time to develop -- but TV viewers and marketers may not. Peter Duncan, creator/executive producer of Fox's new "Rake," said producers still think about a show's development even after a few weeks on the air. "You don't really know what you have until around five episodes," he told the Television Critics Association this week. Then, he said, producers slowly realize what the actors and the characters can do.
  • Controlling The Pipes But Not Yet The Content
    What happens to video content companies now that Internet service providers may get the upper hand from a court decision striking down the FCC's "net neutrality" rules?
  • If Aereo Wins, Broadcast Sky Will Not Fall
    Every broadcast executive must mull one question over the next few months: What if Aereo wins? One veteran and well-regarded media agency executive/futurist -- Tim Hanlon, founder/chief executive officer of The Vertere Group -- doesn't believe the industry will turn upside down.
  • Second-Screen Syncs Not THAT 'Enjoyable' For Viewers
    While TV networks and programmers continue to stir up social media marketing connections, not all such efforts are working, according to a joint study by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Television Program Executives. Where's the disconnect?
  • Seeing Trees And Forest: Consumer Electronics' Media And Marketing Connections
    CES has tons of electronic products, as far as the eye can see. You have your tablet, your smartphone, your wearable fitness band, you home security system, and your Internet-connected washer and dryer -- but can they all communicate with each other? Integration seems cloudy for both consumers and marketers.
  • Cable Networks Face Competition In Unexpected Categories
    Competition is hot and heavy across almost the entire sector of the TV industry. But have you been missing any areas? Apparently, you haven't been looking at the category of weather networks. DirecTV has recently taken on a network called WeatherNation, which apparently will compete with one of the oldest cable networks, The Weather Channel. Should anyone be surprised? Competition continues in other cable network categories.
  • TV Everywhere: More Like TV Somewhere
    More program delays are afoot in the TV Everywhere process for broadcast and cable, satellite and telco companies -- and stomping around in your living room won't help.
  • Wearing A TV Show? Or Already Weary Of Wearable Tech?
    Ready for some 100 "wearable" consumer electronic products? See the TV show, or show the TV show. These products are coming from your favorite consumer electronic manufacturers, with many more of them being shown at this week's Consumer Electronics Show than a year ago.
  • 4K Offers Lower Prices, Higher Picture Quality -- But Which U.S. Network Will Offer It First?
    Better quality TVs are coming again, with tasty lower-price enticements. Have you gotten over your 3D TV indigestion? The misfire over 3D TV has given way to 4K TV, also called Ultra HD TV. Consumers weary of the 3D debacle might take to a better 2D TV concept. Easier to stomach.
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