• Philo Hopes To Link Social Media To Digital TV
    Are social media functions the secret sauce for OTT? Philo, a new digital package of live, linear TV networks sans broadcasting or sports channels, believes this is the key to success.
  • Keurig Apologizes For 'Taking Sides' On 'Hannity,' No Word On Future Spots
    If advertisers pull ads from a show because of content, they might be subject to a "reverse TV advertising boycott." In short, consumers smashing your products to show their displeasure.
  • How Will Disney Position Its SVOD Service Against Netflix?
    The right consumer price for future OTT platforms that compete with Netflix seems clear -- start lower. But determining the right marketing message is far more tricky.
  • Roku TV Set-Top Ad Biz Delivers Impressive Results
    Roku, the biggest OTT set-top-box maker, pulled in $125 million in overall third-quarter revenue, up 40% from the same period a year ago and double the amount since the start of 2017.
  • Justice Department Wants AT&T To Do Media Shuffle
    The U.S. Justice Department reportedly wants AT&T to sell off Time Warner's Turner unit -- which includes cable TV networks, CNN, TBS and TNT -- should it complete its $85 billion deal. And perhaps even more.
  • In A Competitive World, A Fox Buy Could Sustain Disney's Edge
    Adding more mature media content will help Disney. But so would some international assets. Fox might agree to sell its big Star India network operation -- a massive 650 million-home operation -- as well as its 39% stake in BSkyB.
  • Fox News Reneges On Agreement To Run Trump Impeachment Ad
    In an age of increasingly partisan TV news programming, viewers' input apparently can take on a different value for TV executives as they make advertising decisions.
  • Scripps TV Hit By Cord-Cutting
    In its most recent third-quarter financial period, E. W. Scripps' TV stations lost 2% to 3% in subscribers coming from traditional multichannel video program distributors.
  • Even With Viewer Declines, Nets Pay Big Bucks For Sports
    Even with declines across many TV programming areas -- including the NFL, which has seen viewing falloff this year, TV networks are still paying high-priced billion-dollar renewals of big sports franchises.
  • FCC Decides Local TV News Stations Don't Need Offices In Local Communities
    If you have a specific local market TV or radio studio to report your local TV news, you don't need it anymore, per the FCC. But no worries -- media owners won't necessarily be closing up shop anytime soon. The future is another matter.
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