• Maybe Viewers Need A TV Super App
    Entertainment consumers will be looking for easier ways to find the shows and services they want -- on any platform.
  • Are Local TV Automated Deals Finally Here?
    Hudson MX, the new local TV automated-buying platform, says $2 billion went through its system Buyer Assist, in the first months of 2019.
  • To Track Or Not To Track -- That Is The Networks' Question
    We have lots of evidence -- in theory -- that TV networks can connect with viewers, tangentially, when it comes to secondary "tracking."
  • Quibi Hopes To Be King Of The Short-Bite Mobile TV Experience
    Why not just offer entire episodes of TV shows lasting that long?
  • Start With A Big Name To Market A Premium OTT Service
    The Disney name carries brand weight. Do NBCUniversal or WarnerMedia carry the same gravitas for new OTT services?
  • Antitrust: Media, Digital -- Take Your Pick
    Concerns about media tech companies with monopolistic tendencies are now reaching a boiling point, as Congressional inquiries heat up.
  • Quality Shows Cancelled: Welcome To The Fast-In, Fast-Out World Of TV Series
    It's the time of year when veteran TV producers of cancelled shows look for a lifeline elsewhere.
  • Netflix Is Taking Over The Whole World, Including Bryant Park Movie Night
    It may take over sponsorship of Bryant Park Movie Night -- but can the streamer ever replace the HBO Dance?
  • Viewers Want 'Happy Days', 'Laverne & Shirley' Live Reboots Most
    Following the live reboots of 'All in the Family' and 'The Jeffersons' in late May, fans were clear on what they want to see next.
  • The Big Reveal: How To Keep Video Subscribers Loyal
    Consumers have a greater than 30% likelihood of canceling a subscription streaming service after a show or series ends.
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