• Does A Streaming Future For Cable TV News Networks Mean A Loss Of Affiliate, Ad Revs?
    Soon, because of streaming, many more Americans will choose to shut out the other political side.
  • Trump Used Media Money To Market An Insurrection
    The cost was $50 million, raised from supporters, to promote and message the January 6 riot. What happened to the rest of the funds, aside from legal fees? No one knows.
  • Will Streaming Platforms Get Their True Share Of Super Bowl Ad Dollars?
    Some $27 million in video advertising -- which would be the highest ad revenue ever for a single digital video event -- may be due streamers.
  • Are Legacy Sports Networks Still As Valuable?
    Comcast's NBC Sports Network announced recently it would shutter NBCSN, a big 80-million-subscriber cable network. Is that a harbinger of the future?
  • Do Netflix's Award Nominations Impress, Add Viewers?
    For more than a few years now, awards have been a key piece of the streamer's overall marketing plan.
  • Movies About Stock-Market Scandals Spike On Streaming Networks
    After the Robinhood-Game Stop controversy, a number of popular Wall Street-focused movies saw big upticks in streaming rates.
  • How To Measure The Success Of WarnerMedia's Simultaneous Streaming-Theater Move
    Box-office revenues are much lower, but HBO Max might make up profits from monthly subscriber fees.
  • Trump, GOP Supporters May Face Big-Money Problems Long-Term
    Forget about Trump's sway with his base. The bottom line for politicians is media exposure on TV networks/social media platforms, as well as political ad dollars.
  • Determining The Top Streaming Show Is Tricky
    Sometimes, lists get skewed: The bigger the platform, the greater the chance for most total minutes consumed.
  • Real Media, TV Underperformers: Who Is Taking Stock Bets?
    After the GameStop fiasco, stock speculation takes a new turn.
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