• China Restricts Video Game Use, As U.S. Media Usage Explodes
    Due to the explosion of media choices, determining the effect has become more complicated.
  • What's The Best Way To Market A New Hybrid-Virtual-Streaming Series?
    The DirecTV Stream ad doesn't cut it. Telling consumers there is a remote tool that switches easily from live to on-demand programming isn't a draw.
  • NBC Wants Measurement 'Independence' - Now Define It
    A truly independent service would surely allude to what we have now, a third-party service.
  • Premium Streaming Services Want To Entice Subscribers - Cue The Clickbait
    Entertainment discovery is an issue for all premium streamers. How racy should promos be to grab attention?
  • Paying For Content And Experiences - But Not Always Media Ones
    Venice is now set to charge an entry fee to all tourists who wander around the beautiful, singular city.
  • Major Events Boost TV News Viewership, Advertising Follows
    TV marketers are increasingly counting on key older news viewers -- in particular the 25-54 crowd, as well as 60+ audience -- to be there.
  • Disney Charges Streamers Who Want To Skip Certain Movie Lines
    Will more people pay to avoid long lines for blockbusters in future? Other media platforms have their own form of cutting in line, too.
  • Survey: Best Pandemic-Era Brands See Netflix, Amazon, Apple In Top 5
    Video and TV products and services headlined Comparably's new list.
  • Climate Change For TV: Banning TV Fossil-Fuel Ads
    The premise is that fossil fuels, like cigarettes, aren't good for anyone's health long-term.
  • Satellite TV Wake Is Postponed - Pay TV Isn't Dying Fast, Either
    Two of the major satellite pay TV businesses -- DirecTV and Dish Network -- continue to seek transitions.
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