• NEW! GEICO Launches Latest Round Of Pre-Roll Ads
    Geico launched its third round of pre-roll videos that crushes its own ads for a viewer's entertainment and convenience. The company created five different pre-roll videos that were compressed; think of the scene in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," where the walls start to move and crush Harrison Ford. In Geico's version, there's freshly a stacked canned food display that goes south, a massage that's anything but relaxing, a condensed pottery class, a small venue for racquetball and a Scottish shop where the bagpipes need saving. The Martin Agency created the campaign.
  • NEW! 60-Piece Live Orchestra Plays When McDonald's Maestro Burger Ordered
    TBWA\Neboko in The Netherlands used an actual symphony to promote McDonald's Maestro burger, made with two patties, bacon, aged cheddar cheese, red onions and sauce, on a seeded bistro roll. Under the new brand campaign "Always Open for Good Times," a 60-piece orchestra played at the exact moment a consumer bit into the Maestro burger. Two-way feeds from the restaurant to a makeshift nearby concert hall allowed the orchestra director, Guido Dieteren, to lead the orchestra in sync with the diners. It's amusing to see one of the talented opera singers actually refer to …
  • NEW! Break Out The Tissues When Watching Take Note's Emotional Video
    Nowadays, receiving a handwritten note is as extinct as dinosaurs. Most communications is done by email or text. An emotional film by Toronto-based stationary store, Take Note, reminds us that the pen is mightier than the sword. Four minutes long, "Notes" tells the story of a lifelong relationship between a husband wife via handwritten notes. Grab tissues now. The story begins with an adult sleepover, and Tina leaving a cute note for Rob before leaving in the morning. The romance blossoms, with Tina taking over one of Rob's drawers while Rob makes Tina her …
  • NEW! Research Gifts Discreetly For Loved Ones Using Sberbank's 'Surprise Keeper'
    Sberbank, the oldest and largest bank in Russia, launched "Surprise Keeper," a Google Chrome extension that lets users shop for their loved ones without spoiling the surprise. Imagine researching a beautiful piece of jewelry for your loved one online, only to have jewelry ads invade her net browsing, even after you deleted your search history. Surprise ruined, and a faux sense of shock will take its place. Surprise Keeper is a downloadable browser extension that allows users to change what ads are shown. Jewelry ads can be swapped out for something less sexy, like …
  • SCANA Energy's New Spokesanimals: Black Bears
    J. Walter Thompson Atlanta launched a pair of TV spots for SCANA Energy starring a family of bears moving to the suburbs. Why hibernate when SCANA Energy prices are inexpensive? What will the neighbors think? In "New Neighbors," we see a friendly papa bear describing the advantages of moving his family to the suburbs. When his neighbors return from a shopping trip, he waves emphatically, which, to humans, looks like a raging bear, ready to pounce. When the couple drop everything and run inside, the bear remarks they're "going for a run." "Grillin'" …
  • Playboy Magazine Available In App Form For First Time
    Random App of the week:Playboy Enterprises, for the first time ever, has made the magazine available to subscribers in the iTunes App and Google Play stores. Users can select one of two subscription models: a 30-day subscription for $2.99, or a one-year subscription for $19.99. The Playboy magazine app joins other mobile app offerings from Playboy, including Playboy NOW, a companion piece of Playboy.com and Playboy Classic, which features articles, interviews, safe-for-work galleries, and jokes and cartoons from the company's archive.
  • Northwestern Mutual Encorages Families To Have 'The Talk'
    Forget the sex talk; nothing makes people more uncomfortable than a discussion about finances. Northwestern Mutual partnered with SoulPancake to create "The Talk," a 3:30 video of families who talk about EVERYTHING, accept finances. The future is uncertain, so financial stability is an important topic that's taboo to most. A mother and daughter are so close that Mom knows all the details of her child's love life. But finances? Mom doesn't want to burden or stress her daughter, so the topic is never discussed. But that's changed by the end of the video, a …
  • C&G Baby Club Releases Song Scientifically Tested To Make Babies Happy
    Here's an interesting campaign from BETC London for C&G baby club. The brand released what its calls the first song scientifically tested to make babies happy. "‘The Happy Song" was created by child and music psychologists Caspar Addyman and Lauren Stewart, along with musician Imogen Heap. The song encourages happiness and laughter for babies aged 6-24 months. One thousand British parents helped C&G baby club create the song. The two-minute song is available on Spotify and SoundCloud and features catchy lyrics and noises kids love -- think animal sounds, sneezing and laughter.
  • NEW! Agency's Client Recruitment Tool Is Garden Gnome That Sends Email To Dic Dickerson
    A song scientifically proven to make babies happy. Having "the talk." Let's launch!
  • NEW! Nike Launches #Equality To Encourage Respect On And Off The Field
    Athletes take the rules of sports seriously. Not only that, teammates are loyal and respectful to one another, along with their opponents. This begs the question: Why isn't the world fair and respectful all the time? Nike launched "Equality," a 90-second video that encourages people to take the loyalty, fairness and respect found on sporting courts and fields off the field and into real life. The black-and-white ad shows the lines of a basketball court, tennis court and soccer field. Within these boundaries, players are judges by their actions. It doesn't matter what you …
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