• Outdoor in Media Mix
    Outdoor in Media Mix

    According to a new outdoor media consumer study conducted by Arbitron Inc., outdoor media can play a critical role in a media plan by reaching consumers who are not exposed to either newspaper or local television news. The Arbitron Outdoor Study examined the media habits of America's pedestrians, vehicle drivers and passengers, and commuters. The results also underscored outdoor media's compatibility with radio, which has the ability to reach people out-of-home, close to the point of purchase.

    Americans are more mobile than ever

    - Americans reported traveling an average of 302 miles in a vehicle ...

  • In The Face of Spam
    According to Forrester Research, consumers are buying fewer products and services advertised through e-mail, even though marketers continue to push, with more than a third of the messages unsolicited. Of the consumers surveyed who had been online for less than a year, 18% said they often bought items advertised through e-mail last year, while only 6% report buying such items this year. But, Jupiter Media Metrix reports that commercial e-mail in the United States is expected to triple to 424 billion messages by 2005.

    The dangers of bad e-mail marketing practices are real, though, as reported be Matt Hicks ...

  • U.S. Consumer Investors Undeterred
    U.S. Consumer Investors Undeterred

    Consumer attitudes and anticipations are important at this time in the planning process. Here's a release of an overnight poll from September 12th.

    In the wake of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks, American adults will not spend less or alter their investment decisions, and won’t necessarily change their personal behavior apart from cutting down on their flying, particularly over the next few days, reports Harris Interactive, in an Internet poll. This online poll of 4,610 U.S. adults was conducted by Harris over the evening of September 11 and the early morning of September 12. The weighting methods ...

  • Wired Seniors
    Wired Seniors

    Based on an analysis by the Pew Internet & American Life Project of phone interviews conducted across the nation with seniors last year, they compiled a report called "Wired Seniors: A fervent few, inspired by family ties."

    These four million Americans exhibit some special characteristics.
    - Many wired seniors are newcomers to the Internet
    - They are more likely than younger Americans to be online on a typical day
    - The most fervent wired seniors say it has helped them connect better to loved ones and makes it easier get the information they seek.

    The five ...

  • Long Live (Web) Branding
    Long Live (Web) Branding

    According to an article by Debbie MacInnis in the July issue of Darwin Magazine, critiquing "Forget What You Knew About Branding. The Web Changes Everything," she notes that the biggest area of marketing subject to false notions is branding. The author notes several myths about online branding about which she proposes "setting the record straight."

    Myth#1: Branding is Advertising, and Advertising is Branding

    Brand meaning comes from many sources, and advertising is only one. Brand meaning comes from messages that are consistent across time and medium. To say that branding is advertising is to ...

  • In Agreement!
    A survey of 31 prominent economists polled by the National Association of Business Economists, or NABE, in its latest quarterly study finds that "two-thirds of the NABE panelists expect an economic recovery to begin before year-end," according to Harvey Rosenblum, the NABE president-elect. He continued, however, that the group "continues to revise down its forecast for economic growth in 2002 and the remainder of the year."

    The panelists lowered their projected growth of U.S. gross domestic product for 2001 as a whole to 1.6%, down from 2.0%. And for 2002, the panel reduced its growth projection to 2.7%, down ...

  • Women Want Out
    A survey released by Deloitte & Touche and conducted by Roper Starch Worldwide, reveals that 60% of women currently working in the high tech industry would choose another profession if "starting out on a career" today.

    The high tech industry is perceived to have attitudes and practices that favor males, according to the survey of women and men who work full-time both in high tech and more traditional fields, and have Internet access at least once a week.

    Findings of the Deloitte & Touche Women in Technology surveyinclude:

    - 62% of women surveyed believe a glass ceiling ...

  • Technology Seen As Beneficial
    Technology Seen As Beneficial

    More than half of US adults believe new technologies make their leisure time more enjoyable, and 59% say the internet, cellphones and other devices boost productivity on the job according to a new study by Ipsos-Reid from a representative sample of 1,000 US adults (age 18 and over).

    US Adult Attitudes toward New Technologies' Influence on Leisure Time (% of respondents)

    Make leisure time more enjoyable - 54%
    Cut into leisure time - 29%
    Both/neither/not sure - 17%

    Source: Ipsos-Reid, August, 2001

    New Technology Influence on Work Time (% of respondents)

    More ...

  • Older And Richer
    Older And Richer

    According to a trend analysis by The Media Audit, reported in a recent news release, the over 50 segment of the population is now the fastest growing segment of the Internet audience. The 50+ age group increased as a percent of the Internet audience from approximately 19% in 1997 to more than 25% in 2000. Bob Jordan, co-chairman of the research firm that produces The Media Audit said, "This group is of tremendous value to marketers… because of their numbers and affluence."

    - The 85 markets studied have an aggregate population of 125 million and an ...

  • Newspaper Couponing
    Newspaper Couponing

    David Asher, Manager of Business Analysis, Newspaper Association of America reported that 81% of the population consider cutting coupons from the newspaper a weekend-morning ritual. An MRI consumer study demonstrated that more than 80% of people who used coupons clipped them from newspapers.

     +-------------------+-----------+---------+ | coupons for | use | use | | | newspaper | direct | | | coupons | mail | | | | coupons | +-------------------+-----------+---------+ | | | | | Beverages | 87 % | 51 % | | Cleaning products | 89 | 46 | | Cosmetics | 89 ...
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