• Newspaper Advertising Estimates Up 3.2% to 6.1% in 2003
    According to estimates from the Newspaper Association of America in the January issue of NAA's Presstime magazine , newspaper advertising should improve by at least 3.2 percent and possibly as much as 6.1 percent in 2003. After rebounding to positive year-over-year comparisons in 2002's third quarter, the trend should continue with the fourth-quarter numbers and into 2003.
  • How Best To Reach Women With Health Care Needs
    New research findings from Solucient's HealthViewPlus survey of 20,000 health care consumers suggest that marketers would do well to pay less attention to how women look and more attention to how they feel. 29 percent of women respondents age 18-34 reported having weight problems, 13 percent of women reported suffering from depression and 26 percent reported suffering from migraines.
  • Cars and Computers on the Internet
    Measurements in the 3rd week of December by Nielsen//NetRatings shows that eBay beats the Kelley Blue Book in car searchers by 3 to 1, while Microsoft beats the next best by almost 4 to 1 reaching more than 1/3 of the Internet users.
  • At-Workers Prefer Internet for News and Information
    According to a recent study conducted by Market Facts, and released by Periscope Communications/MSNBC.com, use of the Internet as a news source is approaching, and in some cases surpassing the use of traditional media. During the day, more working adults turn to online news than traditional offline news such as television to access breaking news.
  • The Teller Is Being Threatened By The Computer in Europe
    According to Nielsen//NetRatings Global Index, OnLine banks reached more than 30 percent of the active Internet audience in five major markets in November. "The online financial services sector is one of last year's success stories," said Richard Goosey, international chief of measurement science, NetRatings. "Between October 2001 and October 2002, the number of European surfers visiting financial services sites grew from 15 to 25 million, while the percentage of European Internet users who regularly visit a financial services site steadily rose to 37 percent."
  • The Importance of the Web to Online Americans
    Not to belabor the Holidays, but regardless of how “we did,” it’s important to know “how we did it!” The latest Pew Internet Project Report summarizes the use of the Internet in the pursuit of holiday activities. The overall observation is that Email grows as a seasonal fixture and e-shopping advances. In all, 71% of Internet users went online for some kind of social or spiritual activity and 53% did some kind of e-commerce – either online window-shopping or purchasing gifts.
  • Seniors Reach Out and Touch Someone
    A survey of adults 50 and older was conducted on the SeniorNet website from late September through early November, 2002. 2084 individuals voluntarily responded to a set of questions related to their use of the Internet, reports Stacy Dieter, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Public Relations.
  • Marketers In Five Countries Shifting Toward Internet and Direct Mail
    Erin White, writing for the Wall Street Journal, reports on a study produced by the University of London's London Business School and French ad firm Havas SA. that indicates that marketers plan a long-term shift away from traditional media advertising and toward other marketing services, particularly Internet marketing and direct mail. Patrick Barwise, a London Business School management and marketing professor, and one of the study's authors says, “email and web sites are more measurable and seen as good value for money as people get better at targeting."
  • Online Audience Using Popular Internet Applications
    Nielsen//NetRatings reports that more than 72 percent of the total U.S. online audience is using Internet applications. This suggests that nearly three quarters of all Web surfers have incorporated Internet applications, including instant messengers, peer-to-peer file sharing and media player viewing, as part of their daily online experience.
  • Poor Holiday Retail Sales Hit The Bricks While Internet Sales Surge
    While 2002 is not over yet, a recent comScore report shows that online consumer sales (excluding auctions) are on track to post an estimated $74 billion for the year, reflecting growth of more than 39 percent versus 2001. This is particularly impressive, considering the fragile economy and one of the worst holiday retail seasons in recent memory.
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