• Online Real Estate Advertising to Pass Newspapers by 2009
    According to the Borrell Associates' 2005 Update: Online Real Estate Advertising, the Internet has evolved into the most powerful consumer research tool in the entire process of soaring real estate sales. At any given time, the report says about one percent of the adult population is actively seeking a home that they will purchase within the year. In April, nearly 20 percent of the population had visited a real estate site.
  • Regional Spending on Back-To-School Shifts to Down-East and Out-West
    The NRF 2005 Back-to-School Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, found that families with school-aged children will spend an average of $443.77 on back-to-school items, down 8.2 percent from $483.28 last year. Back-to-school spending is estimated to reach $13.39 billion this year, down from $14.79 billion last year.
  • Where and Which Consumers Go For Electronic News
    A deeper look at consumers who go to electronic news locations, the major advertisers and the kinds and technologies of the ads
  • Satellite Maps and Shuttle Launch Combine for Web Spike
    Nielsen//NetRatings reported that MSN Maps and Directions, with the launch of its satellite mapping site Virtual Earth, ranked No.1 in week-over-week unique audience growth during the final week of July, garnering a substantial 175 percent and 71 percent traffic increase at home and at work, respectively.
  • Surprise! No Bells and Whistles Fuels Mobile Phone Growth
    According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, worldwide mobile phone shipments totaled 188.7 million units in the second quarter, increasing 7.3% sequentially and 16.3% from the same quarter one year ago. The report concludes that impressive shipments of entry-level mobile phones to both developing and mature markets energized this market.
  • TV and Internet Convergence Proves Effective
    As viewers continue to overlap their media consumption, one of the strongest crossovers resides in TV/web convergence, allowing marketers to drive viewership simultaneously in both directions, confirmed by a recent Heinrich Marketing Research study.
  • Men and Women Seek Cartographic Intelligence Almost Equally
    Men may not stop and ask, but according to a recent Hitwise study, 49.1 percent of visitors to mapping Web sites were male for the four-week period ending July 16, 2005. "Researching directions on the Web before a drive is a different context than asking for directions once you're on the road and lost," said Bill Tancer, General Manager, Worldwide Research, Hitwise.
  • Radio Ad Revenues Flat in June
    According to the most recent report from the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio revenues remained steady as June numbers came in flat across most sectors of the industry. Grand total all revenue, local spot, national spot, and total combined local and national spot dollars all remained flat for the month compared to June of 2004. NTR figures dropped 5% this June over last June.
  • A Look at Sites, Demographics and Advertising for Bling, Beauty and Duds
    Drilling down in the apparel, beauty and jewelry online markets to look at sites, demographics, advertising types, sizes and technology.
  • The Combination of Mortar, Brick and the Internet Do Best on the Web
    Christopher Grosso, John McPherson, and Christiana Shi wrote about "What's Working Online" in a recent McKinsey Quarterly report. The McKinsey study found that direct retailers with physical stores captured 52 percent of Internet sales in 2003, while those without stores garnered just 31 percent. Online retailing, says the report, generated $90 billion in revenues for US retailers in 2004, compared with just $8 billion in 1998.
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