• 580,000 Super Seniors Planning College Courses
    According to The Media Audit, there are 137.4 million adults and 25.4 million plan to take college level courses in the next 12 months in the 87 metropolitan markets regularly surveyed. Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, Inc., publisher of The Media Audit, said "Of the 25.4 million with plans to take college courses, 57.7 percent are between the ages of 18 and 34. The remaining 42.3 percent are 35 and older."
  • One-Bag Shoppers Rely on Local Print and Broadcast
    A collaborative consumer Shopper Mindset Survey by MARS and BIGresearch, among 5500 customers, found that almost 44% of relaxed shoppers reported that browsing up and down every aisles influenced purchase behavior versus 32% of hurried shoppers with a list and no time to browse.(The study compared two groups of shoppers: those shopping to relax and get away from the house, and those shopping to buy items requested by a family member. Retailers should note that
  • Mobile Gaming Grows
    Telephia reports that mobile game sales continue to show strong performance during the first quarter of 2006, with wireless consumers buying more than 8.2 million games on their phones in March, up 53 percent from since January 2006. The number of unique mobile game buyers also jumped significantly, surging 44 percent from nearly 3.5 million in January to five million in March, despite other recent reports that show idle growth.
  • Online Broadcast Media Sites and Viewer Demographics
    A drill-down into broadcast media sites and broadcast entertainment including demographics, advertisers, ad types, sizes and delivery.
  • 694 Million People Used the Internet in March
    In the recent announcement of the launch of comScore World Metrix, by comScore, they included data representing 694 million people, age 15+, from countries that comprise 99 percent of the global Internet population. This 14 percent of the world's total population in this age group used the Internet worldwide from all locations in March 2006.
  • Gender, Generation and Jobs Influence WOM Marketing Strategies
    A new study by Lucid Marketing marketing, titled, "U.S. Adults: Word of Mouth Communications," found that women were more likely than men to share a positive experience with a business (91% to 83%) or recommend an enjoyable product (95% to 89%). And, full time employees made substantially more daily contacts than those not in the workforce, while those with household earnings of more than $100,000 were more likely to make recommendations than those earning less. The study showed that women tend to prefer verbal communications to other forms of contact, whereas men tend to prefer email.
  • Uncertainty Creates "Live For Today" Mantra
    According to the BIGresearch April Consumer Intentions and Action Survey with over 8,000 consumers, 31% of consumers agree or strongly agree with the spending philosophy of "I live for today because tomorrow is uncertain." As a consequence, or in spite of this, consumer debt continues to grow.
  • March Down, Quarter Up For National Radio
    According to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Ad Sales Index, 1st Quarter 206, national dollars continue to lead Radio ad revenues with a 1% increase for March 2006 over March 2005. Local revenue slipped 2% for the month when compared to the same month from a year ago. Total combined local and national sales figures also dropped 1% for March of this year over March of last year,
  • Sponsored Clicks Increasingly Important
    According to just released comScore qSearch data, and analysis and commentary by comScore, Peter Daboll, President and CEO of comScore Media Metrix, said "With the number of sponsored clicks representing a significant driver of search engine revenue... approximately 11.4 percent of Yahoo! and 11.8 percent of Google's searches resulted in a click on a sponsored ad. These click-through levels are substantially higher than those seen with traditional banner ads..."
  • Small Business Promotes Mom's Day Online
    According to Constant Contact's 2006 Mother's Day Outlook survey, U.S. small business owners are also anticipating the Mother's Day holiday, as 66 percent expect strong Mother's Day sales this year. In terms of anticipated holiday sales by top industries, Hospitality (restaurant, travel, and lodging) led with 87 percent expecting strong sales this year, followed by Consumer Services (jewelers, spas, beauty salons, fitness and photography) at 69 percent, and Retail (specialty shop, clothing store, florist) at 67 percent.
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