• Survey Says: Candidates Succeed With The Internet!
    According to the First Annual Voter Expectations Survey from E-Voter and HCD Research, an overwhelming majority of voters responding expect candidates to use online technology as part of their campaign efforts. 87 percent expect they will have a Web site, and 70 percent expect the use of email.
  • News Junkies Tune In All Media
    According to the 2008 biennial news consumption survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, audiences for most traditional news sources have steadily declined, as the number of people getting news online has surged. However, today it is not a choice between traditional sources and the Internet for the core elements of today's news audiences, notes the report, since a sizable minority of Americans find themselves at the intersection of these two long-standing trends in news consumption.
  • The Challenge Is To Wisely Spend Reduced Ad Budgets
    According to a recent survey from the Association of National Advertisers, 53 percent of marketers from a broad cross-section of categories and industries expect their advertising budgets to be reduced in the next six months as a result of the tough economic climate, and 87 percent of those polled are already being challenged to find cost savings or reductions within current marketing and advertising efforts.
  • University of Phoenix Catches 4.7 Billion Web Looks in June
    According to the most recent comScore, Inc. ranking of the top online display ad publishers and advertisers, Fox Interactive Media, as the top display ad publisher got 15.9 percent of all display ads viewed, while Microsoft was the top display advertiser with 1.7 percent of total views. Experian gets the most unique visitors with 138 million. And, Forrester projects that of the $8.2 billion, retailers will spend this year on online marketing, just over a third, $2.78 billion, will be spent on display advertising.
  • Radio's Off-Air Revenue Surpasses Forecast
    Off-Air revenue (previously referred to as Non-Spot) has surpassed last year's mid-year forecast by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) , and is expected to approach $2B by the end of 2008 - nearly a full year ahead of the predicted timeline. Exceeding expectations that were based on a compounded annual growth rate of 10% from June, 2005 to June, 2007, Off-Air activity surged in late 2007 and has been increasing at a CAGR of 12.3% over the past two years.
  • Yahoo!, MSNBC & CNN Top Online Global News and Events
    A deeper look at top sites, viewer demographics, advertisers and ad details for Online current events and news destinations in mid-August. Though the PEW report on News Integrators concludes that "... today it is not a choice between traditional sources and the internet for the core elements of today's news audiences... (but)... Integrators get the news from both traditional sources and the Internet," shown here are some of the more popular Internet destinations.
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