• Web Video and TV Hooking Up
    According to Digiday's semi-annual poll of predominately digital agencies, brands, publishers and ad networks or intermediaries, the rate of planning television and online video ads together will grow by more than 50% in the coming year. Specifically, 48% of advertisers and agencies already are planning TV and video together, and 25% more will be doing so within the next 12 months. Among leading video buyers, nearly three quarters of all online video buyers will be planning TV and interactive video together by this time next year.
  • See And Be Seen
    According to a new study from comScore and Pretarget, ad viewability and hover time are more strongly correlated with conversions (defined as purchases and requests for information) than clicks or total impressions.
  • Green May Not Be The Strongest Color In The Pallet
    According to a new Ipsos poll with RetailMeNot.com, 25% of respondents report that they always proactively take steps to green their home or lifestyle, such as recycling, driving energy efficient vehicles, weatherizing their home, using eco-friendly products. An additional 60% say that they sometimes take these actions, while just 15% say that they never do.
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