• Online Shoppers Use Mobile Most On Sunday
    Unlike desktop traffic to e-commerce sites, which tends to peak on Mondays and remains stronger during weekdays than on weekends, mobile shopping traffic is highly concentrated on Sundays, says the report. Many consumers use their mobile devices to browse products over the weekend, says the report, then revisit and purchase when they return to their desks on Monday.
  • Real-Time eMail Tactics
    According a report from The Relevancy Group entitled Exploring The Benefits Of Real-Time Email, by David Daniels, 73% of consumers utilize their mobile phone to access one or more email accounts, making it crucial for marketers to ensure that email messages render properly on mobile phones, and to leverage real-time email marketing to keep content fresh.
  • Marketing Trends And Resolutions
    According to the Campaigner Marketing Trends Survey detailing key industry insights and identifying specific areas of focus for 2015, marketers across the board are confident in their strategies with no plans of adaptation to meet the growing technology demands.
  • Digital Players Replacing Pay TV
    According to new GfK research, "Digital Media Players 2014," one-third of owners have reduced or eliminated pay TV service because of other devices available. 19% of TV viewers now own at least one of the three major digital media players: Roku, Google's Chromecast, or Apple TV, a 10-fold increase over the 2010 ownership level (2%).
  • Email Preferred For Brand-Consumer Communications
    According to a new MessageSystems survey, summarized by Barbara Burlington, responding to the Brand need to interact with their audiences to find an edge in using email to draw more clicks, get more eyeballs and create more user engagement, 50.08% don't want any interaction/notifications!
  • Hispanics And Millennials Growing Together as Ecommerce Shoppers
    According to a study by Adroit Digital to gain insight into how Hispanics shop online and respond to online advertising efforts, advertisers can evolve in tandem with the Hispanic shopper. A younger population means Hispanic earning power stands to increase exponentially by 2024. In this way, Hispanic online shopping habits may increasingly mimic those of Millennials, as a large chunk of the Hispanic population is already in the 15-to-34-year-old age bracket.
  • Global Demand Pushing Digital Consumption
    According to the PQ Media Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2014-18, surging global demand from iGens, Millennials and GenXers for mobile video, social media and videogames, online video and books, and over-the-top (OTT) video will push consumer digital media usage up 12% in 2014 to 6.5 hours on average per week
  • Cyber Monday Ecommerce Biggest Day EVER
    According to The Custora E-Commerce Pulse, tracking over 100 million online shoppers, and over $40 billion in e-commerce revenue, US e-commerce stats for Cyber Monday and the full holiday weekend, E-commerce revenue was up 15.4% on Cyber Monday 2014 vs. 2013, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history.
  • Kids Under 18 Want Next Gen Tech Connection And Convenience
    Families with kids under 18 years old are poised to continue their quest for connection and convenience, evidenced by their strong intent to purchase a variety of new tech devices, including wearable technology, over the next twelve months.
  • Digital and Off-Air Radio Revenue Up
    According to The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), the Radio industry continues to build its digital profile, as Digital revenue in Q3 showed growth of 11% over last year. In addition, despite a flat national advertising market across media, total Radio ad revenues showed signs of rebounding.
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