• Data Critical In Strategic Decisions
    Data Quality in Digital Analytics by At Internet, reported by ClickZ, data is no longer simply factual information, it's a vital element in an increasingly large number of strategic decisions.
  • Google Maps Tops Monthly Searching At 151,000,000
    Taking the pulse of America's hottest new brands stirring up various markets, the Google search trends reveal the Davids and the Goliaths in both traditional and emerging categories.
  • Hispanics Approaching One Trillion Dollars In Aggregate HH Incomes
    the median household income for Hispanics this year is estimated to be close to $45k, below the $57k average. 19% of the US population identifies as Hispanic, and two-thirds of the Hispanic population are from Mexico.
  • Offline Word Of Mouth Best For Teen Marketing
    Most consumers continue to look to their peers for face-to-face advice and recommendations about their favorite brands, impacting their purchase decisions, says a new Engagement Labs report on the "Leaders in Social Influence."
  • Video Ad Watching On The Rise
    The quarterly numbers reveal a significant increase in consumer response to video advertising and also draws attention to an increasing advertiser focus on mobile.
  • Online Shopping Wins For Convenience And Selection
    Most people shopped as much online as they did in a physical store location. While some people only shopped online or in-store once every couple of months, women who shopped multiple times a week were more likely to do so online versus visiting a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Answer It! Your Best Customer Is On The Line
    The phone customer converts faster, spends more, and churns less. Customers who call directly to a business, are a marketer's most valuable asset,
  • The Fall Is Full Of Marketing Opportunities. YES!
    A holiday season is often the busiest and most lucrative time of the year for many brands. In 2016, holiday sales increased by 4% over 2015, generating revenue of $658.3 billion. In addition, online sales increased by 12.6% year-over-year showing that holiday shopping is transforming with the shift to ecommerce.
  • Never Too Early To Shop For The Kids
    Consumer spending insights, aggregated from the Bank of America's more than 40 million credit and debit accounts around the back to school season, finds that some have suggested the back to school shopping season starts sooner and does not last as long. Yet, a recent Bank of America omnibus survey finds 78% of consumers plan to do the bulk of their back to school shopping in August, with only 38% preferring to start in July.
  • Keep 'em Smilin'
    Advertainment is the fusion of advertising and entertainment,and the perfect way to engage with Gen Z, the generation coming up behind millennials. Snapchat, due to its creative and playful nature, is the perfect platform for this, says the report.
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