• MarTech Effectiveness in 2018
    The technology available to marketers is changing rapidly. The technological needs of marketers is also changing, becoming critically important to business success. But what trends will have the most impact on marketing technology (martech) effectiveness.
  • Blockchain Market Change From $80 Million To $2.33 Billion By 2033
    ResearchAndMarkets.com has published a report on the state of blockchain usage in the retail market. It is expected to grow from an $80-million market share in 2018 to a $2.33-billion share by 2023.
  • The Emerging "Click and Collect" Model
    Food and beverage retail is the next big sector that will feel the influence of digital shopping. 23% of U.S. shoppers bought groceries online in 2016.
  • B2B Programmatic
    B2B marketers' use of programmatic advertising may be reaching a plateau, but not so their spending on programmatic, says Dun & Bradstreet in its 2019 Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising Outlook
  • AI: Collection Of Technologies
    In a recent survey by Blueshift, more than 60% of marketers revealed that they are planning to increase their usage of AI going forward, proof that more and more marketers are realizing AI's potential to enable greater marketing success.
  • Raise Prices, It's A Holiday
    United Parcel Service Inc. is counting on a big boost in shipping capacity to avoid logjams in its network during the peak holiday shipping season, and the delivery giant is raising prices to help offset those investments.
  • Snapchat, And Millennial Marketers Are Changing The Political Game
    Capturing the youth vote can make the difference in a candidate's victory or defeat. Historically, 18-29-year olds have performed below expectations.
  • Cutting The Cord, Really
    Americans really are cutting the cord. Unpublished results of the 2017 Consumer Expenditure Survey, analyzed by Demo Memo, show a substantial drop in spending on cable and satellite television service, writes Cheryl Russell.
  • Creative CMOs
    CMOs typically have one eye on the future while making sure their organizations are meeting near-term goals. Keeping it all organized and focused requires creativity.
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