• New TV Programmers: Cable Operators That Start Reading Network Ratings
    Since when do cable operators really care about cable network ratings? Apparently, in the near future, they will.
  • Tribune Troubles: Take A Lesson From CBS
    Shareholders are indeed right to complain about a languishing old-line media company, The Tribune Company.
  • TV's Upfront Time: Schizophrenically Comforting
    Given the pronouncements of TV network leaders, it would seem to be one of the most schizophrenic upfront markets in some time....
  • DVD Sales: Soon To Be DOA?
    Caution to future TV and other video investors: Try to avoid the DVD--- Desperate Video Declines.
  • Digital Upfront Dollars: Another Viewership-Revenue Imbalance?
    For cable networks and their longtime complaining about proper share of advertising revenues, the tables may have turned--at least for a moment--this upfront season.
  • Third-Place MSNBC Should Bow More Deferentially
    Two-and-a-half years are all you really get in the TV news business--especially if you are in a distant third place. You also need to take more deep bows, occasionally.
  • Indecent TV Shows: Those With Weak Creative
    Indecency fines are more costly now--will advertisers be financially happier?
  • Boring TV: Don't Turn It Off---Ever
    It's a TV show that isn't supposed to be turned off--and there should be a law.
  • TV's Upfront: The Force Is With You
    This much is true: fewer millions will be spent in TV's advertising upfront market this year. But with billions still spent in a short time frame--like a scheduled tsunami--this clout, combined with speed, means the upfront will be around for some time to come.
  • TV's Biggest Program Recording Myth: Viewers Control The TV
    We control the TV set. We control the DVR. Now Cablevision says there's another way....
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