• Can't Find Those Young, Upscale Viewers? There's A Reason
    Looking for a cool network catering to upscale young TV viewers? Stop your search. The problem is, unless you are Paris Hilton -- or even young people of somewhat lesser wealth -- there's not many of you there, much to the chagrin of TV marketers.
  • Hot Summer Ahead? TV Advertisers Could Sweat Actors' Strike
    Media buyers, take note: An actors' strike will make the writers' strike look like a walk in Central Park... on a sunny day... with someone handing you daiquiris along the way.
  • With No New Fall Shows, ABC Could Make Programming History
    Despite the writers' strike, national advertisers may be getting what they really want this upfront season: a slower and more diverse rollout of new network shows. Consider ABC. It may do the unthinkable in starting the upcoming fall season with no new shows. So far, the network hasn't picked up any pilots slotted for September
  • Kids And Visual Distractions: Now Just One Eye For Two Media.
    Think about this when you are doing your first kids' TV upfront deals in the coming weeks: 50% of the time kids are only watching with one eye. Half of kids nine- to 17-years-old are looking at TV at the same time as they're fooling around on the Internet, and 17% of the time they are influenced by the Internet in deciding what to watch on TV. More importantly, 47% say they focus their attention primarily online -- TV is a secondary attention.
  • The WB: What's In A Network Name?
    Few departing TV networks ever get a second chance - but sometimes their names do. Warner Bros. hopes that'll change, as it looks to have The WB name return as an Internet TV network soon, according to reports.
  • Fox's Good-Looking TV Women Will Make Business Worries Go Away
    Stock market in free-fall? Don't worry. Fox Business News would like to get your mind off things. A new outdoor ad for a Fox Business campaign offers up what we love best about all News Corp. properties: A little sex to make us forget our troubles -- such as that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is now at its lowest levels since October 2006.
  • VOD Rising: Preferred By Some Lazy TV Viewers Over DVR
    Talk about your lethargic TV viewers! Yesterday, Disney-ABC Television chief Anne Sweeney said 20% of DVR owners said they prefer to watch video-on-demand rather than use their DVRs.
  • New Mini-Broadcast Networks Look For The Right Math
    Is the CW getting off easy? Some TV business journalists and columnists are saying the two-year-old network should be held accountable for a bunch of things -- not least of which is its poor ratings.
  • The Real Secret To Less DVR Usage And Fast-Forwarding: Duller TV
    Someone has finally figured out a way to stop the time-shifting of TV shows, as well as viewers' avoidance of TV commercials: Get a TV network schedule filled with plenty of repeats, reality shows, and, of course, a strike.
  • TV's Upfront Process Starts With Seeds Of 'Strong' Results -- Which Tells Us Nothing
    This year broadcast networks have seen major erosion of viewers -- 6% to 17% -- creating a supply-and-demand situation where scatter pricing has soared 20% to 40% over upfront prices. As the old theory goes: a strong scatter means a strong upfront the next year, thanks to a rush of TV advertisers buying up the season beforehand, rather than spreading out the wealth over the course of a year. But we have read this story before.
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