• Digital Media Entrepreneurs Still Like The Idea Of Traditional TV
    Revenues continue to soar for the likes of Facebook or Google. But wouldn't they like to own a TV network -- just for fun, even? Perhaps it wouldn't necessarily be for the reasons we might think. Look at the promotion value point of view, perhaps some new digital R&D programming and/or social media efforts.
  • Fewer Consolidation Worries --- When It's Just About Movie Studios?
    Worries about media consolidation continue. But perhaps this is more about TV network-based companies buying similar groups. A merger of movie studios -- one big and one mid-size -- might be less of a big deal.
  • Fewer Ads For TV Networks? Where's The Bottom Line?
    Traditional cable TV networks -- and others -- are looking to make an uncomfortable advertising transition. Viceland, a venture with A+E Networks, has already drawn in big advertisers in preparation for its launch. Unilever PLC, Bank of America, watch and apparel maker Shinola, Samsung, T-Mobile and Toyota are among those that have signed on, according to the Wall Street Journal. The network says it will carry only about 9 minutes an hour of advertising time -- about half of the 17 minutes to 18 minutes per hour many cable networks air. And, within a year, the plan is that half ...
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