• What About Digital Revenues For Trad TV Nets?
    Maybe it's time we need to stop worrying about how much money traditional TV networks are getting from regular on-air commercials -- and more about what those networks will get from digital platforms. CBS on Tuesday sketched out a plan so in five years -- with four million subscribers -- its ad-supported, digital over-the top-service CBS All Access could make $400 million a year.
  • NFL Says Football Can Cause Major Brain Injuries: More Headaches To Come?
    NFL now confirms -- for the first time -- its sport can cause major medical issues for its players, specifically the long-term head trauma known as CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Finally -- and now we can move on. But what is the future? First NFL needs to apologize to a few people, specifically to former players, but perhaps also to some marketers.
  • More TV Drama For Donald Trump: Now, On-Screen Violent Behavior
    With GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, you never know what's next. He's now associated with high-drama skirmishes during his rallies -- shown on TV, apparently.
  • CBS Considers Serial Ads To Sweeten Binge TV Deal For Marketers
    Binge TV viewers could soon see some unique advertising coming their way in the future: serial commercials.
  • Free, Live Hockey Games: See Yahoo For Details
    With growing live sports programming, Yahoo could be looking to help out those budget-conscious "skinny bundle" consumers -- as well as find a new digital media profile. The digital media company, which has a goal of streaming a live sports event every day of the week online, just announced a deal with the National Hockey League to deliver four games a week under its Yahoo Sports "Game of the Day" umbrella.
  • Local TV News Still Looking For Some Digital Magic
    Just as the digital world needs more content, perhaps TV news stations need more journalists -- at a price, anyway. Fresco News will be working with Fox TV stations, offering to pay "citizen journalists" as much as $50 per video and $20 for a still photograph if their content is used on the air.
  • Digital Video Platforms Looking At The NFL For That One Big Media Hit
    Don't scratch your head over this one: Digital media wants a piece of the NFL. Facebook, Amazon, and Verizon are all in the hunt. No doubt others as well. Why? Seemingly for the same reasons as traditional TV players: Football games are live and immediate.
  • Don't Show The Movie Clip! But DO Count Your Box Office Dollars
    Movie studios take great pains to tease TV viewers with commercials showing special but brief dramatic bits from their films. But what about doing the reverse? That is, not showing key scenes. Too strange? Sony is doing just for Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie, "The Brothers Grimsby," before its release March 11.
  • Olympic Athletes And Their Advertisers Get A Bit More Marketing Freedom
    For the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio, athletes can now be featured in non-Olympic advertising during the Olympic games -- helping them to capitalize when their marketing value is at its highest.
  • Will Anti-Trump TV Advertising Bring More Money For Stations?
    TV stations, and other media platforms, must be licking their big advertising lips over the prospect of more anti-Trump advertising. This won't come just in the next two weeks of important primaries -- but perhaps in the weeks leading up to the Republican convention in Cleveland in the summer.
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