• Fox News Gets New Tag - And Other Descriptors
    Fox News Channel has a new tagline: "Most Watched. Most Trusted." Considering the "F" news line continually gets tossed around, this is "G" news -- good news.
  • Netflix Is Rivaling Cable, But Will Consumers Buy Multiple Services?
    Many U.S. cable subscribers also have Netflix, or other subscription video on demand platforms, such as Hulu or Amazon. Does that mean TV consumers may elect to pick and chose in different combinations of TV sources?
  • Fox, Affiliates Fight Over New OTT Service
    Fox will be offering a live national Hulu feed, where it will replace the affiliates' local news and syndicated programming with programming from Fox cable networks National Geo, Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.
  • Viewers Want Truth About TV Show Cancellations
    TV viewers have long been left in the lurch when it comes to their favorite shows leaving the airwaves. The "real" business story behind the show never seems to get fully revealed -- even considering well publicized facts of low TV ratings.
  • Local TV News Tops National In Trust
    Local TV journalists have an ongoing "relationship" with local TV viewers. In light of numerous fake news claims, a new study also cites "local news sources as easier to verify, more truthful and more relevant overall."
  • Broadcasters Debate Value Of Fall Premieres
    For some time now, there has been a debate among TV marketing executives about the value of launching, some, most, or all of their shows when the official TV season starts -- typically the third week of September. That's when Nielsen begins its broadcast TV season measurements.
  • Presidential Tweets May Be Few During Comey's Testimony -- But TV Spots?
    In a preemptive strike, a super PAC controlled by President Trump has released a TV ad attacking the character of former FBI director James Comey in advance of a highly anticipated Senate hearing on Thursday.
  • Trump's Media Plans For Comey Testimony: TV, Twitter Fest
    This "communication" with his supporters won't go unnoticed. That's because Trump tweets -- according to White House officials -- are now "official statements" from the President.
  • NFL Eyes Liquor Advertisers
    There have been liquor ads on TV for some time -- but not on the NFL. That will change this year, when they join the ranks of beer marketers for the league. It's all part of trad TV's search for new advertisers and revenue streams.
  • Trump's Moves Worry Trad Media, Sinclair Remains Booster
    More than a few worry that powerful Sinclair has a certain editorial bent - a right-leaning TV news operation in favor of Trump. That's in addition to an alarming move condemned by many top media execs: Trump abandoned the Paris Climate Accord.
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