• Is Fox Right -- Sports TV Is The Future?
    Big sports TV franchises are costly -- think the NFL and the Olympics. For many networks, it is worth it. NBC will prove it with one simple number.
  • Trump Administration Wants To Cut Public TV Funding -- What About Other TV Deals?
    The Trump Administration wants to leave public broadcasting's fate to the media marketplace. But do the same rules apply to corporate media-TV deals?
  • White House Drama, Omarosa Style: Better Than Reality TV
    TV viewers have figured out what's real and what's not in reality TV. They consider it entertainment. The medium has moved to the White House.
  • Viacom To Launch New Programming Service
    Viacom's new service will include programming from all its networks -- including big cable channels such as MTV and Comedy Central, held back from other existing digital services.
  • Your Money-Losing Film Is Opening Soon - On Netflix
    With just a few weeks to go before starting a TV and marketing campaign for its movie "The Cloverfield Paradox," Paramount Pictures made a big decision -- not to distribute it theatrically.
  • Better Branded Entertainment Metrics Are Coming
    Branded entertainment continues to be a growing business. But for many, there is a need for more granular data for marketers to analyze -- especially across different screens.
  • High-Action Super Bowl Lulls With Lower TV Viewers
    Viewership in the Super Bowl slipped 7% to a Nielsen preliminary 103.4 million U.S. viewers versus 111.3 million last year. It was the lowest level in nine years for a close, entertaining contest only decided in the last play of the game.
  • Upfront Presentations Are Fewer, But Still Need TV Hype
    Upfront presentation fatigue has finally hit the digital media space. Will media-buying executives get any real relief? The IAB has decide to cut its NewFront presentations in half - from 35 to 17. Big-name digital media brands -- some are more video-centric than others -- will remain.
  • Is Facebook's Local Media Push Good For TV Networks?
    Facebook has issues when it comes to fake news, especially dubious content coming from reported Russian troll farms. But what does its new local focus mean for "national" TV new sources -- cable TV news networks and national newspapers, such as "USA Today," "The Wall Street Journal" and "The New York Times?"
  • Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie' Leads Deserve Better
    The Netflix hit "Grace and Frankie," starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, is notable for two reasons: The focus is the humor and heartache of growing older. And its stars -- specifically the female stars -- are all over 70. So why do the women get all the heartache and the men all the joy?
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