• Internet Telephony, With Features, Gaining Popularity
    The study High Speed Internet: Challenges and Opportunities 2004, recently released by Horowitz Associates, shows that 28% of dial-up users in the survey are considering or have already decided to get broadband service of some kind.
  • Young Males Lead The Way Towards a Cell-Only Population
    According to a new analysis from Mediamark Research Inc., 8.1% of U.S. households do not have landline telephones, up from 4.2% in the spring of 2000. Non-landline consumers are those who have chosen to rely solely on cell phones or no phone at all.
  • 25's to 50 Year Old Internet Music Seekers a Significant Category
    A deeper look at Online music destinations, user demographics, ad types, sizes and delivery mechanisms.
  • Online Info Spurs Offline Spending
    Online product research by consumers this past year was responsible for driving $180.7 billion in offline spending, compared to $106.5 billion in direct online consumer spending according to The American Interactive Consumer Survey conducted by The Dieringer Research Group.
  • ''A Man and a Woman'' Appears to be a Bush Strength
    comScore Networks recently released the results of a study examining the factors influencing the voting plans of American wo
  • Interactive Program Guides: the Portal for Television Entertainment
    In-Stat/MDR, in a recent report, says that it expects the worldwide IPG market value to grow to nearly $1 Billion by 2008. The research firm reports that Interactive Program Guides (IPGs) are becoming the entertainment portal for TV viewers, and will be the "killer application" for enhanced interactive television services.
  • Radio Station Format Shapes Audience, But Not Media Buy Decision
    Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, previews a new report from The Media Audit with the conclusion that "(Station) Formats are the most critical element in success or failure in radio. A radio station's format is its content," says Jordan, "It is what draws and shapes its audience."
  • Trade Show Recovery Part of Advertising and Strategic Marketing Program
    The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA), and Tradeshow Week Custom Research, in its recently released Exhibit Management Survey reports that more that 1/3 of the TSEA member's say attendance at their key exhibitions have already recovered when compared to year 2000's levels.
  • Over 45's Most Interested in Food and Cooking on the Web
    A deeper look at the most popular Web sites for Online food and cooking, as well as the demographics, ad delivery styles, technologies, and sizes used.
  • Yahoo!, MSN and AOL Top Sites for Financial News
    A drill-down into sites, viewer demographics, ad sizes, technologies and delivery methods.
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