• One Third of Internet Users Have Logged on Wirelessly
    According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Some 34% of internet users have logged onto the internet using a wireless connection either around the house, at their workplace, or some place else. In other words, one-third of internet users, either with a laptop computer, a handheld personal digital assistant (PDA), or cell phone, have surfed the internet or checked email using means such as WiFi broadband or cell phone networks.
  • Streaming Video, Themed Merchandising and Clearance Items Highlight Customer Improvements on E-Tail Sites
    According to the 9th Annual Mystery Shopping Study by the E-Tailing Group, rich media, coupons and themed merchandising areas lead a broad range of customer-focused improvements on retail web sites, reported by Internet Retailer. Based on a survey of 100 retail web sites online audio files, found on 41% of sites, were up from 15% in Q4 2005.
  • Inconsistencies Prevalent in Email Metrics and Bounce Management
    The EEC reports that Email has clearly evolved into being the pivot point for online communication and commerce, but a recently reported study by the Deliverability Roundtable of the Email Experience Council found that email metrics and bounce management have not kept pace with email's evolution. 321 Mailers and 29 ESPs, representing a cross-section of both groups, showed that the lack of standards around industry metrics, bounce data, definitions and bounce management practices resulted in the inability of Mailers and ESPs to properly execute, measure and compare results on their programs.
  • Web Audience Up 10% Since January Last Year
    According to a recent comScore Networks announcement, 747 million people, fifteen and over, used the Internet worldwide in January 2007, a 10-percent increase versus January 2006. Among the top 15 countries by penetration, Internet audiences in India, the Russian Federation and China increased the most in 2006, growing 33, 21 and 20 percent, respectively. China now represents the second-largest Internet population in the world, with 86.8 million users, after the U.S., which rose 2 percent year-over-year to 153.4 million users age 15 or older in January 2007.
  • Consumers to Spend $3.8 Billion Celebratin' The Irish
    According to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 2007 St. Patrick's Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, consumers will spend an estimated $3.76 billion on St. Patrick's Day. The average consumer is expected to spend $34.89 celebrating the holiday compared to last year's $27.94.
  • Automotive Purchase Intentions, Web Sites and Advertising Details
    According to BIGresearch's February Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey 12.1% of consumers said they are planning on buying a new car or truck in the next six months, which is up over February 2006 when 11.8% said the same. Gary Drenik, President & CEO of BIGresearch "With the exception of 2002, consumers seem more optimistic than in previous Februarys about buying a car (or) truck. 2002 was a unique year when incentives and 0% financing offers help stimulate automotive sales."
  • Half The U.S. Population Carries at Least Two Credit Cards; 14 Percent Carry More Than 10
    According to the latest National Score Index study by Experian Consumer Direct Approximately, 14 percent of the U.S. population has more than 10 credit cards. The states with the highest percentage of consumers with at least 10 credit cards are New Hampshire and New Jersey, where the average is approximately 20 percent.
  • Advertisers Want Independent Verification of Results
    According to a new study by Forrester Research, reported by eMarketer, many marketers are dissatisfied with advertising's return on investment (ROI), and only 21% of those clients surveyed would recommend their agencies' services to others. At the same time, however, 76% of marketers had no way to determine their ROI from their lead agencies, and 69% said ROI is too difficult to measure.
  • Newspapers Outsell TV Broadcasters With Local Online Video Ads
    According to a new report from Borrell Associates, local online video advertising, worth about $161 million in 2006, is expected to grow to $371 million this year, or 5% of all local online advertising, and to exceed $5 billion in next five years.
  • Oscar.com Captures International Audience
    According to comScore Networks, in a study of popular film-related Internet sites in conjunction with the 79th Annual Academy Awards, 139,000 U.S. Internet users visited Oscar.com on "Oscar Sunday" (February 25, 2007), a one-day increase of 219-percent versus the 44,000 visitors that visited the site on February 24, 2007.
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