• Optimize Format For Effective Multi-Media Viewing
    According to a new report from Brand Perfect, considering global publishing for a digital generation, sales of tablets and smartphones will outstrip desktop sales by two to one, with tablets alone on target to do so in 2013. The report, Adventures in Publishing, concludes that this expansion demonstrates the need for brands to focus their advertising strategies more heavily on these platforms. However, 93% of the publications reviewed in the report have yet to offer true multi-device viewing, yields the study.
  • High Entertainment Spenders Account For 70% Of Home Entertainment
    According to Nielsen's U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report, consumers in households earning an average annual income of $66,000 account for more than 70% of spending on entertainment, like books, video-on-demand and music. Not only did the survey find that these high entertainment spenders have more discretionary income than low or moderate spenders, they also participate in more entertainment activities.
  • Travel Pumps The U.S. Economy
    According to a recent report from Roger Dow, President of the U.S. Travel Association, on how tourism benefits the U.S. economy, direct travel spending in the United States totaled $855 billion in 2012, generating $2 trillion in economic output and more than $129 billion in tax revenue. Travel directly employed 7.7 million Americans and was among the top 10 employers in 48 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.
  • Smartphones and Tablets, Though Mobile, Require Separate Ad Approach
    According to an industry analysis by Adobe Digital Index, mobile devices have changed the way consumers interact with businesses, making an understanding of the trends, strengths, and weaknesses of both tablets and smartphones important in serving mobile customers. Another perspective in the ongoing and growing interest in mobile marketing and advertising.
  • U.S. Still Largest Digital Out-of-Home Market; China Chases
    According to a new report from PQ Media, the Global Digital Out-of-Home Media Forecast 2013-17, global DOOH revenues will grow at a slightly accelerated 12.6% in 2013, as global economies stabilize and DOOH operators move forward with expansion plans delayed in the second half of 2012.
  • Online Event Attendance Trending Up; Chat and Moderators Popular
    A new report conducted by the Virtual Edge Institute, commissioned by Freeman, shows that attendees are increasingly turning to their screens to engage with organizations. Just under 80% of survey participants produce physical events, with 70% of those respondents also producing online events.
  • Mobile Devices Make Anywhere a Workplace for SMBs
    According to the results of The Sage SMB Survey on Mobile Devices, laptops (80%) and smartphones (81%) are the most common devices used remotely by employees to access work-related information when they are not in the office, followed by tablets (57%).
  • Targeted Or Random; How Do You Like Your Ads?
    According to a new study by Zogby Analytics for the Digital Advertising Alliance, 40.5% of respondents chose targeted ads, while another 27.6% were content to see both. Only 16.1% preferred random ads, with 15.8% unsure.
  • Americans Fed Up With Bad Ads
    According to InsightsOne, with Harris Interactive, Americans Are Fed Up With Bad Ads, 87% of American adults 18 and over are putting their foot down on the number of irrelevant ads they are willing to see before they ignore a company completely. 23% of Americans say they will do so after seeing just one spam email or online ad, and 43% say they will ignore a company completely after seeing as many as two
  • 9.9 Billion Video Ad Views In February
    According to comScore, 178 million Americans watched 33 billion online content videos in February, while the number of video ad views reached 9.9 billion with Google Sites delivering an all-time high of 2.2 billion
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