• Top Ten Internet and E-Business Trends of 2004
    In a recent report, eMarketer describes the top ten Internet and e-business trends for the year based on individual analyst's studies in the scope of its coverage of the Internet and e-business. According to eMarketer's CEO Geoff Ramsey, "Companies are making money online. Advertisers are investing in online advertising - which is now the fastest growing ad medium in the US."
  • Both Print and Digital Magazine Readers go to Web for More Information
    Gloria Adams, corporate director of PennWell audience development, recently released the results of their 2004 "Digital Subscriber Profile Study," reported by Kristina Joukhadr. The study provides readership comparisons between print and digital editions of their Business to Business publication.
  • Consumer Voice Gets Quiet in Wireline Retail Service
    Recent research, reported by In-Stat/MDR, shows that total US wireline retail service expenditures are in a period of decline, while wireless has become the hot telecommunications growth service, In-Stat/MDR forecasts these service expenditures will decline from $188.1 billion in 2003 to $160.2 billion by the end of 2008. The hardest hit segment in wireline services is consumer voice.
  • Most Search Influenced Buying Occurs Offline
    comScore Networks recently released the findings of a study revealing the impact of search engine usage on the online and offline buying process. Among the other findings, the study revealed that 25 percent of searchers ultimately purchased a consumer electronics or computer (CE/C) product and that an estimated 92 percent of these purchases occurred offline. Among the 8 percent of post-search purchases that were made online, the vast majority occurred in subsequent user sessions (not directly after a search click-through).
  • Galactic, International, National, Regional and now Local Market Data
    In the days before Christmas, Simmons examined the shopping habits of the American consumer to reveal the nation's markets that are tech savvy and credit card conscious. The study was comprised of a comprehensive database that provides in-depth information on consumer media and purchasing behavior for each of the nation's 210 DMA's.
  • DM Budgets Up in US and UK, but MSPs Need Better Strategic Understanding
    Alterian, a provider of database solutions, recently released the results of its annual trans-atlantic survey. The 2004 survey examined attitudes of marketers and marketing service providers (MSPs) in the UK and North American direct marketing industries. Key findings reveal that while both MSPs and marketers are optimistic about the state of the market and prospects for 2005, major issues still need to be overcome and investment challenges met. 60% of respondents said their DM expenditure was expected to increase over the next 12 months while only 5% believe it will decrease.
  • It's A Holiday Wrap
    The beginning of the year Research Briefs wouldn't be complete without a look at the end of the year! The January 4th holiday eSpending Report from Goldman, Sachs & Co., Harris Interactive, and Nielsen//NetRatings revealed that online shoppers in the U.S. spent $23.2 billion during the 2004 holiday season, excluding travel. This reflects a 25 percent increase from the $18.5 billion spent online during the same timeframe in 2003.
  • Online Broadcast, Entertainment and Radio Sites, Demographics and Ad Details
    A deep drilling for viewer demographics, popular sites, ad styles and delivery techniques in the Online Broadcast category.
  • Email Challenges TV as Marketing Tool
    EMarketer, reporting on research conducted by IPT in August and September 2004 says that consumers are showing a more favorable opinion of e-mail marketing compared to TV advertising. When asked to pick the most effective marketing communication channel, 32% of consumers say e-mail, not far behind the 39% that choose television. The report claims, "e-mail is fast encroaching on TV's territory as the king of promotion."
  • Three Fourths of Mobile Phones Sold in Europe Include Digital Camera
    According to market data for 3Q04 released by IDC, the Western European mobile phone market grew 24% year on year, with shipments exceeding 34 million units compared to 27.6 million units in 2003. Standard mobile phones still dominate in 3Q, constituting over 95% of the total market. Andrew Brown, program manager for European Mobile Devices at IDC, said "Features such as color screens and digital cameras characterized higher-end handsets just 12 months ago. However, with such features now incorporated in mid- and even low-range models, we are seeing a rise in consumer expectations as vendors seek to differentiate product offerings ...
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