• Consumers Dislike Targeted Ads, Resent Privacy Intrusion
    Study respondents said intrusive and irrelevant ads reflect poorly on the apps or mobile websites that carry them.
  • Gen Z-ers Are Less Brand-Loyal, Less Politically Engaged
    Born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, these young people want to be rich and famous.
  • Venmo's Users Are More Mobile, Social Than PayPal's
    Venmo is also better for targeting due to users' greater activity using apps and on mobile, per Zeotap's mobile data.
  • Mobile Consumption Outpaces TV
    The average U.S. adult will spend 3 hours and 43 minutes per day on a mobile gadget this year, slightly more than the 3 hours and 35 minutes spent watching tv.
  • Adware Found Installed In Play Store Apps
    Mobile security firm Lookout said it discovered 238 separate apps carrying the ad plugin known as BeiTa. All of the apps were produced by mobile firm CooTek.
  • Facebook Makes Rewarded Video Available To Gaming Apps In Audience Network
    Users have to interact with an advertised game for 15 seconds in order to receive a reward -- with the ad unit's call to action taking the user directly to the app store to install.
  • GDPR Impact: Global App Audiences Grow Nearly 17% Y-O-Y
    While marketers trimmed customer lists to meet new regulatory requirements for "traditional" channels (like email), mobile app audiences continue to grow.
  • Facebook Enacts Stricter Rule On Mobile Video Streaming
    New rules prohibit the proclamation of violent missions and intentions. Users who break Facebook's "most serious policies" will lose their Facebook Live privileges for periods at a time.
  • MMA Offers Strategies To Create Better Attribution Models
    That includes going all-in with publishers in a "clean room" approach, which allows marketers to merge their data with publishers.
  • JCPenney Halts Mobile Payments In Stores
    A new rule went into effect mandating that retailers use EMV contactless functionality across the board.
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