• It's Not TV, It's '502 Bad Gateway'
    While mobile may be the new TV "interface," as this week's column illustrates, interoperability issues persist.
  • Captions Habit Bleeds From Mobile Video Into TV, Laptops
    Captioned videos are more likely to be watched on TVs and computers, as well as on mobile phones, finds a new poll.
  • Report Finds Mobile Benefited From Pandemic, Privacy Concerns Remain Chief Obstacle
    Two out of three marketers surveyed boosted mobile marketing budgets over the past year, due at least partly to the acceleration of ecommerce.
  • Why Did Mobile Usage Grow During Last Year's Lockdown?
    Mobile usage keeps ticking up, now representing 32% of our total daily media time, according to eMarketer.
  • Has COVID-19 Changed Mobile Finance? You Can Bank On It
    As a category, fintech apps grew 110% in the U.S. over the past year, and one in three Americans now use P2P payment apps.
  • Sinch Launches Global API For Instagram Business Messaging
    Brands can use the API to have scalable conversations with customers using Instagram DMs or Stories, facilitating user interaction and customer support.
  • Android Giveth As Apple Taketh Away: CPMs, That Is
    A month into Apple's enforcement of its new App Tracking Transparency framework, the picture is getting clearer on its impact on consumers and advertisers.
  • Mobile Big Deal For Discovery-WarnerMedia -- But Who Brings More To Party?
    While consumers spend an average of 45 minutes per day streaming mobile content on AT&T-owned apps, Discovery's performance is much higher.
  • Are Apple App Users Half Empty Or Half Full? (Depends On Who You Talk To)
    A few weeks into Apple's enforcement of its new App Tracking Transparency framework, the situation isn't as dire as some had anticipated. Or is it?
  • Gaming, Educational Apps Led Growth In U.S. In 2020
    Even as a mature market, the U.S. saw another strong year of growth in app adoption, with some verticals particularly boosted by pandemic stay-at-home dynamics.
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