• Government Eying Smartphone Data To Track COVID-19
    U.S. officials are currently in talks with tech leaders like Facebook, Apple, and Google, which could assist in tracking people's whereabouts using their phones' location data.
  • The 'Techlash' Is Only Getting Worse
    Most Americans (60%) now believe major Web companies do more to divide the country than to unite it, while only 11% believe the reverse to be true.
  • Apple Greenlights Push Notification Ads
    Apple will expect developers to clearly display consent language in the user interface of their apps if they want to reach consumers via push notification.
  • Top Marketers Earmark More Money For Mobile
    More aggressive that most categories, marketing leaders in the healthcare sector expect to double their share of spending on mobile over next five years.
  • TikTok Tries To Placate Worried Parents
    Parents will be able to control how long their teens spend on TikTok each day, who can message their kids, and what sort of content shows up in their feeds.
  • Flipboard Floats Paid 'TV' Service
    Flipboard TV is a new service that the news aggregator plans to populate with content from publisher partners.
  • Spotify Bringing On Bill Simmons And 'The Ringer'
    As podcasts continue to reshape the mobile landscape, Spotify just agreed to buy The Ringer -- a media company that specializes in sports news and commentary.
  • Apple Shines As iPhone Sales Surge
    The tech titan said it sold $56 billion in phones last quarter -- which was up 8% year-over-year.
  • Social, Mobile Driving Millennials' Physical-Store Purchases, As Well As Ecommerce
    Brands are finding success by connecting personally with millennials via social media, and leveraging a symbiotic relationship between their use of mobile and continuing interest in physical-store shopping, finds Roth Capital Partners' latest survey of the cohort.
  • Google Beats Facebook In Global App Downloads
    Google's strong showing points to the increasing prominence of video-based apps, including the new Disney+ service, launched last quarter.
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