• Twitter Backs Open-Source Internet Standard
    "The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard," CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday.
  • Advent Of 5G To Advance Broadband -- But Maybe Not Smartphone Sales
    Fewer than 60% of consumers plan to buy a new smartphone in the next two years, according to report.
  • Facebook Bolsters Brand Safety Features
    Among select advertisers, Facebook is also beginning to test publisher "white lists" for Audience Network and in-stream ads.
  • Facebook Launches Payment System Spanning Its Platforms
    Potentially riling privacy advocates, Facebook does plan to track users' Pay activity as a means of targeting content and advertising across its platforms.
  • Facebook Exposes User Data To Apps Developers
    There's no evidence to suggest exposed data was exploited by developers, but that might not be enough to reassure concerned users and privacy advocates.
  • Facebook Sues Israeli Mobile Surveillance Firm For Alleged Hack
    The tech giant is accusing NSO of installing malware on the phones of approximately 1,400 WhatsApp users.
  • Apple Pay Usage Forecast To Hit 30.3 Million Consumers In 2019
    Apple Pay would represent a whopping 47.3% of proximity mobile payment users in the United States, per eMarketer.
  • Consumers Expect Better Digital Services From Brands -- Or Else
    A majority of consumers (54%) now place a higher value on their digital interactions with brands over physical interactions.
  • TikTok Responds To Allegations Of Political Censorship
    TikTok owner, Beijing-based ByteDance, released a statement insisting censoring content guidelines are no longer used.
  • Consumers Choosing More News Content Now
    Those turned off by offensive content say it's more likely to come from users' social media posts than news sites.
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