• A Kinetic Twist On The Search Mentality
    Talk to Kevin Ryan and Giovanni Gallucci for a while about their new search engine marketing and interactive agency Kinetic Results, and several phrases keep coming up: the search mentality, the search perspective, and the search discipline. It's almost cult-like, except the leaders are better-dressed.
  • Book Barons, Beware Of The Long Tail
    The Google Library Project--aimed at making the collections of five major libraries searchable online--has received tremendous publicity as a result of recent lawsuits filed by the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. Setting the legal details aside, people in favor of Google Library have largely been singing the tune of "democratized book publishing."
  • From Waistlines To Bottom Lines, You Need A Commitment
    When I bought my gym membership, I paid a hefty sign-up fee and agreed to pay a regular monthly fee. When I spoke to the salesperson, I definitely didn't think, "Here's my money, and I will never see you or this gym ever again." I had every intention of going to the gym several times a week and getting in fantastic shape.
  • Google Base: AdWords For The Rest Of Us
    Brace yourself. When Google Base lands, it will make a crater in the online space upon arrival. With a single new release, Google could find itself competing with eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Monster, and even FoodNetwork.com.
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