• Report: Google And Bing Add Market Share
    According to our report on enterprise search share performance, Google increased month-over-month to command an 80.17 % natural search traffic share to enterprise-level Web sites, while Bing share increased slightly from January to February by 0.09%, to 7.16% overall. Yahoo decreased to a 9.34% share, losing 2.9% search market share year-over-year.
  • Your Search House And Your Social Garden
    Building a house is a gratifying activity. Assuming you're not pushing the boundaries of architecture and physics, the process is reasonably straightforward: you develop a plan and then bring it to life. What's gratifying about the house process is that the end result matches the original picture in your head. This can make us feel anywhere from good to godlike -- after all, it's nothing short of creation: "Man make fire!" And, at the risk of aggrandizement, this is what search is like: "Man make traffic!" We wave our magic wand of bids, and hey, presto, clicks ensue.
  • While Playing With My New Personal Assistant, A Revelation
    As search continues to evolve and converge with mobile, new uses for search are increasingly intriguing, and some feel particularly game-changing. This is the case for Siri, a new personal assistant app currently available for the iPhone. While its functionality is still somewhat limited, its potential seems amazing. What's more intriguing, however, is what this app portends for the future of mobile commerce and advertising.
  • Should You Worry About Search Query Declines?
    ComScore just released its February U.S search engine rankings, which show a 4% decline in search query volume. Still, though query volume was down, Google has been producing new opportunities for paid search advertisers to improve efficiency, which coincidentally will improve their own revenues.
  • The Spring Search Insider Summit: Where Is Search Going?
    In my last column, I talked about Steve Ballmer ruminating about the future of search. Steve isn't the only guy thinking about this. I think we (and by we, I mean anyone remotely connected to the search industry) all agree that we're at the cusp of a sea-change in our world. So, with another Search Insider Summit rapidly approaching, the folks at MediaPost and I have decided to turn the entire summit over to that one central question: Where is search going?
  • What Assorted Marketing All-Stars Learned From Google
    This is the fifth in a series of columns I'm publishing in MediaPost featuring excerpts of interviews I've conducted while writing my book, "Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google," Previous installments included a double feature with Paul Gunning and John Battelle. Like the Octomom or the Gosselins, there's no turning back after your first set of multiples -- so, today, I'll offer up 11 marketing all-stars weighing in on the same theme: What makes Google such a unique company? Why has it been so successful?
  • How SEO Can Save The Environmental Movement
    Environmentally minded SEO geeks, here is your mission: make it easier to find the answers to complex queries like "What is the best response to climate change?"
  • Automation Moderation
    In our business, there are a variety of organizations driving a flurry of data innovation right now. But can these new and/or enhanced platforms really usher in a new era of SEM and analytics?
  • Steve Ballmer And The Future Of Search Revenues
    Search as it exists today proved to be the perfect crystallization of a revenue model, a beautifully simple evolution that had all the right pieces falling into place at just the right time. It was a rare occurrence in the messy and organic online world, one that Google capitalized on to the tune of several billion dollars. But it's unrealistic to think that this crystallization of revenue opportunity can survive for long or morph into something equally universal, simple and effective.
  • Hot SEO Trend for 2010:Getting Back To Basics
    For all of the amazing changes that are going on right now in search marketing, there is a certain aspect of each new innovation that calls back to the basics of search engine marketing, and marketing itself. So with this in mind, here are a few of the big topics that have changed SEM, along with why sustainable search practices will be the best course for navigating the new world of real-time, personalized, Caffeine, and socially-influenced search.
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