• As We May Remember
    Last week, I asked you to ponder what our memories might become now that Google puts vast heaps of information just one click away. And ponder you did.
  • Five SEM Predictions For 2012
    As I write this column, the ink is not yet dry on the full edition of the Kenshoo 2011 Online Retail Shopping Report, but I've just finished up the last section with my colleague, Ari Rosenstein, outlining five predictions for 2012. The research is based on a dataset of 28 billion total SEM impressions, 350 million clicks, and 8 million online sales transactions across our index of retail paid search advertisers. Here's a preview for all the Search Insider pun-dits out there.
  • Friction In Mobile Checkout Costs Sales
    Smartphones drive search. Search drives shopping. And shopping drives… not as much in the way of sales as it should. Mobile commerce has a terrible problem with friction. From sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, to mobile apps that rely on nutty checkout processes, shoppers have to work too hard to buy online.  If only the buying experience could be as simple and fast as the search experiences that led to the desire to make a purchase in the first place. While nearly 56 million mobile users shopped online in the U.S. in 2011, only about 27 million actually completed …
  • Is Google Replacing Memory?
    "How old is Tony Bennett anyway?" We were sitting in a condo on a ski hill with friends, counting down to the new year, when the ageless Mr. Bennett appeared on TV. One of us wondered aloud about just how many new years he has personally ushered in. In days gone by, the question would have just hung there. It would probably have filled up a few minutes of conversation. If someone felt strongly about the topic, it might even have started an argument. But, at the end of it all, there would be no definitive answer -- just opinions.
  • 2012 Resolutions For Search Marketers
    2011 has been another dynamic year for search marketers. I want to continue a tradition I started last year and review some thoughts from the past 12 months and set some resolutions for 2012 that we should all live by.
  • Google's Holiday Gift to You: Google+ Adds Multiple Page Administrators Capability
    Google+ pages for business launched about six weeks ago now, and since that time, the most common complaint I've heard is that the pages lacked the ability to have multiple administrators, as Facebook pages allow. Well, all of that changed just before the holidays when Google announced that business pages have now been enhanced to allow for up to 50 administrators!
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