• 10 Ways To Survive The Google Shopping Transition
    Back in May, Google announced that its newly branded Google Shopping service would soon become an exclusively paid service in which product listings are ranked by a combination of bid price and relevance. Google positioned the change as a good thing for online retailers and product searchers alike. But online retailer are justified in expressing frustration that Google's massive change is coming right now -- at the beginning of the frenetically competitive Xmas shopping season. Managing the transition to paid listings isn't going to be easy, even for experienced e-commerce players. Still, there are things that you can do. Here …
  • I Want My Multichannel Search
    It's long been said that, "consumers are multichannel." And we are. But true multichannel retailing always seemed just out of reach until the mobile revolution changed everything. With the swipe of an iPhone, the technological, organizational, and structural impediments to multichannel retail were blown away. But because consumers have led the revolution, it hasn't turned out exactly as retailers envisioned. The recent rise of "showrooming" has pushed multichannel reality into an unforgiving spotlight. But the multichannel revolution cuts both ways, and unanticipated consequences will surely surface online as well. My bet is on generalized, multichannel product search. Because why should …
  • The Berkowitz Guide To Creating Content That Matters
    I made it! I got through the summer without writing too many "filler" columns triggered by the realization it was already Wednesday and my editor was expecting something in her inbox by end of day. Of course, now that we're safely past Labor Day, all that comes to a crashing halt. Because, yet again, it's Wednesday (as of the time I'm writing) and, yet again, the well is dry. So, it was sad yet somehow consoling that I read the final column of David Berkowitz, the one MediaPost writer I know who has actually logged more columns (400) than I …
  • Recipe For Holiday PPC Success
    Tis the season to start prepping for the holiday season! Here are some tips for making sure you've got all the right ingredients to get your pay-per-click (PPC) search campaigns cooking.
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