• Taco Bell Gets A Lift From Lyft
    Lyft partnered with Taco Bell to offer riders stops at the fast-food eatery, and PlaceIQ used its LandMark location data technology to analyze the effect of the promotion on boosting restaurant visits. Google Trends data also shows a lift in online searches.
  • BuyAutoParts Thinks Like Consumers To Drive Mobile Conversion Rates
    Consumers can now buy auto parts online and take them to a mechanic to have the parts installed. AdWords helps to target this message to a range of potential customers. Being able to educate customers and save them money has always been a major company objective. The company believes that a strong online presence helps to make this a reality.
  • Kohl's Hard Look At Online Pays Off In Higher Quarterly Profits
    During Kohl's Q2 2017 earnings call last week, CEO Kevin Mansell said "online demand sales grew 19%, an accelerated growth rate from the first quarter," pointing to the 31% store fulfillment rate of online orders -- up significantly from the previous quarter.
  • Meet Amelia: An AI Tech Underused By Search Marketers
    What if search marketers could integrate sitelinks or paid-search advertisements from the search engine that lead to a more human-like dialogue with machines?
  • Does Snapchat See A Google-Like Search Opportunity?
    When asked by an analyst to elaborate on search within Snapchat, cofounder and CEO Evan Spiegel said it's still early days with search on the platform as people learn they can search for stories and not just friends. He also noted that there are great opportunities to explore.
  • Google Sitelinks, Callouts, Snippets To Deliver More Information
    Would a movable carousel enable Google to add more callouts or sitelinks beneath mobile ads? Google's sentence-compression algorithm could automatically populate the space with 10 callouts or sitelinks.
  • Consumer Behavior Takes Search On Roller-Coaster Ride, Per Salesforce Data
    Retail website traffic rose 6% and digital commerce rose 14% in the past year. Yet changes in consumer behavior reveal that marketers need to modify their approach, as well as supporting new targeting techniques.
  • Google Prepares For Europe's New Privacy Rules
    From search and Gmail to AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick and Analytics, Google says it will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation across all services provided in Europe. The new privacy regulations are scheduled to take effect in 2018.
  • Google VP Of Diversity Slams Context Of Software Engineer's Letter
    Danielle Brown, Google's new VP of diversity, integrity and governance, responded to a Google software engineer's critique of the company's diversity initiatives -- calling for them to be replaced with policies that encourage "ideological diversity."
  • Dog Vs. Cat Search Data Shows Major Gap In Annual Income, Behavior
    Hitwise analyzed data from top retail websites to determine behavioral traits, gender gaps, and rank the top 10 most-visited websites in the Pets & Animals industry as of May 2017.
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