• Verily Coronavirus Site Overwhelmed, Requires Visitors To Create Google Account
    The website created by Verily Life Sciences, Google's sister company, requires visitors to sign into an existing Google account or create a new one to schedule an appointment to be tested for coronavirus.
  • The Mismanagement Of Information During A Time Of Crisis
    Why did Alphabet-Google CEO Sundar Pichai write an approximate 1,264-word post published Sunday touting Google's efforts around "helping people find useful information" about coronavirus, but mention the COVID-19 website developed in a small paragraph at the end?
  • Coronavirus Delays Google's Mandatory Move To Online Video Parallel Tracking, Product Rollouts
    Coronavirus seems to be testing tech companies, with some pushing out original deadlines to accommodate any chaos the unexpected virus might have caused.
  • Social Distancing Like St. Louis In 1918, Only With Search
    Unlike in 1918, when the Spanish Flu killed thousands of people, the world offers businesses some amazing technology in ecommerce, search and video conferencing to connect brands with consumers.
  • Carvana's SEO Ecommerce Strategy Driving Sales
    Carvana.com and organic search are key in acquiring new customers for the ecommerce auto retailer. It uses no showrooms, relying on delivery services, tokens and vending machines filled with in-demand used cars.
  • Microsoft, Amazon, Others Donate Millions To Coronavirus Response Fund
    Washington-based companies are opening their wallets to contribute large sums to a new fund aimed at supporting those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Clorox, Canned Foods, Masks Driving Huge Revenue Spikes Without Paid Advertising Due To Coronavirus
    Despite declines in media budgets, Bloomreach on Monday showed revenue from the sale of items such as masks and zinc is on the rise as Americans look to protect themselves and loved ones from an outbreak. And it's all happening without the use of paid advertising. What about search engine optimization?
  • Standards To Combat Fake Reviews Needed As Trust Erodes
    Nearly three-quarters of consumers want the retail industry to set new standards with severe punishment for violations to combat fake reviews.
  • Google Shifts To Mobile-First Indexing For Entire Web
    Google will crawl and index all sites using its mobile-first model by September 2020.
  • Redfora Ad Engages, Informs Consumers On Facebook About Coronavirus, Disaster Preparedness
    Disaster preparedness company Redfora is promoting its backpacks that include necessities including the N95 face mask suggested by the medical community for people with respiratory issues to protect against contracting viruses like COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.
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