• YouTube Adds Places Mentioned Link In Videos For Creators
    "It would be great if we could integrate with Google maps and Google local guides," wrote Molometer in the comments. "I've got some videos from around the world that show remote locations and will update them using the locations tool. I'm assuming we can retroactively do that?"
  • Marketers Must Account For Mistakes, Misspelled Keywords In Onsite Searches
    Retailers should account for possible keystroke error, optimizing searches so shoppers don't see a "No results" message.
  • Metaverse, Zero-Party Data Will Allow Marketers To Once Again Track Consumers
    Software algorithms that track movements, built into the metaverse, will become a mechanism for targeting ads in virtual worlds through consented zero-party data.
  • Lotame Releases Numbers Showing Variations In Sale Of Data Segments During Holidays
    Lotame released numbers this month showing variations in the sale of data segments during the holidays. Segment sales for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa fell year-over-year in 2020, despite the sale of more data related to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
  • Advertisers Using More Holiday-Related Keywords In Ads
    Brands are running more holiday ads this year, according to SaaS platform AdImpact, which tracks and analyzes advertising occurrence and expenditure data across traditional and emerging media channels.
  • AWS Paused The Internet
    A total Amazon Web Services outage would nearly take the world dark, as we learned Dec. 7 when everything from Christmas lights to banking apps tied to Amazon's cloud services in one eastern U.S. region suddenly ceased to work.
  • Microsoft Advertising Supports Spanish-Language Ads In U.S.
    Advertisers can now serve text ads from Spanish ad groups in the U.S. on all devices and publishers. Advertisers with existing Spanish-language campaigns on Google Ads can replicate the structure on Microsoft Advertising.
  • Half Of Top Websites Fail To Meet Google User Experience Requirements
    Walmart.com, Target.com, Tripadvisor.com and social sites including Facebook.com, Instagram.com and Pinterest.com are among the major brands that did not meet all of Google's minimum thresholds for good website performance and usability as of October, according to recent analysis.
  • Digital Expansion Powers Global Ad Spend To New Record
    A new report from eMarketer charts 2021's ginormous rebound over 2020, and finds total spending by year's end will tower over 2019's pre-pandemic numbers by $120 million.
  • One-Third Of Black Friday Online Shoppers Were Fake, Study Finds
    CHEQ says 35.7% of all online shoppers were malicious scrapers and crawlers, sophisticated botnets, fake accounts, click farms and/or proxy users as well as a host of illegitimate users committing e-commerce-related fraud.
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