• The Art And Science Of Search And Brand Marketing
    Search marketing has evolved into a finely honed science for marketers. Bid optimization, creative optimization, keyword expansion, targeting, and match types are all managed with an unblinking focus on the direct-response goals of the funnel, leading from clicks to conversions. Technology platforms make it possible for marketers to pull levers and make adjustments in real time to react to changing promotions and market conditions for always-optimized media. Consequently, search marketing has largely been the domain of performance-based marketers.
  • How Social Is Changing The Search Game
    Every day consumers are sharing more online. Currently consumers share four billion updates, conversations, recommendations, photos, videos, tweets, posts, shares on Facebook, 200 million on Twitter and one billion on Google+ per day. This shift in consumer online behavior is the catalyst behind the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms we've seen over the past year, in which Google and Bing have updated algorithms to incorporate consumer-generated content into search engine result placement.
  • Power Of Innovation On Full Display At SXSW
    I was at SXSW in Austin this last week -- and like anyone who's ever attended this festival of tech glitterati, one can't help feel a rejuvenation of hope for a better future. The sheer invention and ingenuity on display literally at every turn is truly something to behold.
  • How Facebook Is Changing Everything: Premium Advertising
    A few weeks have passed since Facebook announced that it would be expanding some of its core functionality for brand Page owners, and enhancing its advertising platform ahead of this year's IPO. Those announcements originally gave me pause to reflect on how Facebook is reshaping the online marketing and advertising landscape for many brands.
  • Who Is Joseph Kony -- And Why Does It Matter?
    "Do you know who Joseph Kony is?" The question was posed to me this week by my 16-year-old daughter, Lauren. Immediately I knew something was up. Lauren delivers everything with a half smirk, which is generally followed by some sarcastic comment. But this time, she was disarmingly serious in her question.
  • Searchery Rhymes: 2012 Edition
    It's been more than three years since my last installment of searchery rhymes.The 2008 edition featured such favorites as Yahickory Dickory Dock, Hey Barry Diller, Sergey Pagerhoffer Schmidt, and Bah Bah Ballmer. The 2007 edition rocked Little Bill Gates, Google Google Privacy Eater, There Was an Ole Woman Who Worked at Yahoo, and Barry Had a Little Butler. Since my latest edition, I've tripled my kid count and, rather than try and explain to them what I do, I just read one of these at night...
  • Some Of The Best Points From SMX West
    Last week I was out at the SMX West show, where, as always, there were many great nuggets of information to glean from some fantastic speakers. Here's a brief recap of some of the best points I heard.
  • Using SEO To Fight Dirty
    Since tomorrow is the Super Tuesday GOP primary election, let's talk about mudslinging. Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is in the news a lot these days, mostly because he's the current Republican underdog who has shot into the lead in several national polls leading up to Super Tuesday. Fellow hopeful Mitt Romney has also been in the news, mostly because folks are mesmerized by the fact that he hasn't yet sewn up the Republican nomination despite holding all the advantages. Both are also in the news because each has a certain search engine problem.
  • How Facebook Is Changing Everything: Open Graph Apps
    Facebook again made news this week with the announcements that its advertising platform will be further expanded, and that all brand pages will be converted to timeline format by the end of the month. Some pieces of these announcements were clearly intended to mitigate concerns over Facebook's revenue model ahead of its IPO coming later in the year. But all those announcements were significant to digital marketers.
  • An Introvert's Confessional
    I am an introvert. Which, I guess, qualifies as an introvert's confession -- a metaphorical "coming out of the closet." But if you were an introvert, you would know that's the last thing you really want to do. The closet is such a non-threatening place to be.
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