• Five SEM Lessons from Hawaii
    Pop quiz hot shot: What do Steve Jobs, Israel, Billy Beane, Don Draper, and Bonnaroo have in common ? All of the above have been sources of inspiration for my columns -- and, today, I'll add one more to the list. After spending last week in Hawaii with my time-zone challenged kiddos,I hope you can understand why my mind wandered to SEM every now and then. Here's where I landed:
  • Is Clickthrough Rate Still A Good Measure For Success?
    My good friend Jason Falls posted on LinkedIn last week, in response to recently released Facebook Ads engagement data: "More statistics emerging on Facebook advertising statistics. I still am baffled that marketers are so lathered up about them. POINT-ZERO-SEVEN percent CTRs?"I took some time to think this one over. Jason is extremely well regarded in the social marketing space, and his opinion is one I value. I wanted to better understand his perspective, primarily because Facebook serves ~25% of the world's display ad impressions month-over-month and because I'm personally very bullish on Facebook Ads. My initial reaction to this body …
  • Local Search: The Dream
    We all know the local-search dream: You stand on a street corner and your phone tells you the best restaurants nearby. After digesting some delicious aioli-drizzled fish tacos, your phone tells you where the best shopping and sales are. Then, while waiting to be rung up at possibly the coolest shoe store on the planet, you write reviews for both the shoe store and the fish tacos. You even have enough time to look up tonight's local events and decide you are going to check out a well-rated jazz club nearby. Such a tasty dream, and so compelling. So why …
  • Three Myths About Customer Love
    Today, I want to talk about the last of the three posts by Harvard Business Review bloggers, Karen Freeman, Patrick Spenner and Anna Bird I have been surveying: "Three Myths about What Customers Want." Specifically, I want to look at this post's implications for online marketing.
  • Preparing For Mobile Web Search
    The mobile Web is currently a "Wild West," with plenty of undiscovered territory, and a different set of user behaviors to be decoded. In preparing to position themselves properly, marketers looking to leverage mobile need to understand that the search of the future, both in engines and ads, needs to be more anticipatory, better integrated, and deliver compelling, useful results to drive the user to click over to your page or download your app.
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