• Publishers, Don't Blame Web Traffic Decline On Facebook Algorithm Change
    While direct and organic traffic from search results have remained largely stable, social dropped by a collective 89 million visits annually, according to data.
  • Microsoft's Technology Comprehends What It Reads Faster Than Humans
    The technology allows computers to read information and summarize it within a few minutes. and provides information in more natural ways that are similar to the way humans communicate.
  • A Lack Of Understanding About AI Makes Consumers Uncomfortable
    About 32% of survey respondents are "very" willing to interact with a chatbot on a mobile phone, 38% are "somewhat" willing, and 34% are "not" willing.
  • Will Microsoft Take Cryptocurrency For Media Ad Buys?
    The company restored Bitcoin payments for its online store, but with the introduction of blockchain technology to support several types of industries the question becomes will Microsoft begin accepting bitcoin, or other types of cryptocurrency, payments for media buys on Bing Ads.
  • Average Order Value Online Rises During 2017 Holiday Season
    Data released Thursday shows an increase of average order value online during the 2017 holiday season. Holiday online sales rose 13% from the previous year, up 10.43% compared with 2016,
  • Google's Algorithm Says The World Is Flat
    The real issue here is not about how Google's work culture and company rules influence its employees, but how the company's culture and these rules influence the world. And they do -- because of the nature of Google's business. Opinions are the cause of bias in machine learning and Google's algorithms are what's behind ML.
  • Google Fixes Mobile AMP Fast-Loading URLs For Publishers
    Google plans to implement a new cache version for Accelerated Mobile Page project that engineers believe solves a problem for publishers. Since implementing AMP, Google URLs from the AMP cache, rather than the publisher's URLs, serve in search results. In other words, Google doesn't serve in search results a publisher's actual URL. It serves a modified version of Google's, which makes it difficult to track and attribute links and content to a specific project or campaign.
  • Google: Consumers Getting Personal
    Some 41% of survey respondents who own a virtual assistant said they talk to their device like a trusted friend or family member. And they're doing a lot of talking, It turns out that Google Assistant is now available on more than 400 million devices, according to the company.
  • Google Researchers Knew About Chip Security Flaw Since June 2017
    This week Intel, Google, Microsoft, Apple and others revealed that potentially every type of device with a central processing unit -- personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and cloud servers -- is impacted.
  • Microsoft Creates Coalition To Get Rural America Searching Online
    Microsoft has announced it will form a coalition focused on convincing the Federal Communications Commission to eliminate regulatory hurdles preventing widespread rural broadband deployment.
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