• Life, Death, And Baby Shark Searches In 2018 On Google
    Google this week released the top searched words for this year -- revealing that people really wanted to know more about good things, death, music and sports.
  • Success Of YouTube Unboxing And Store Haul Videos A Phenomenon
    Rather than simply focusing on running tv spots, it seems that brands and retailers are leveraging YouTube to drive interest through unboxing videos and store hauls.
  • Apple To Make History On Amazon
    Product searches on Amazon have begun to outpace those on Google, Bing and other search engines. Perhaps that's why Apple signed a deal to expand the selection of products sold on Amazon, confirming that the marketplace continues to gain traction as the first stop for product-type searches online.
  • Finding The 80 Most Common SEO Ecommerce Flaws
    Brands still struggle with web site mistakes and technical issues that range from slow load times to duplicate content to HTTPS. Here are the 80 most common issues.
  • Google Search Models Predict Opioid Overdoses
    Researchers are using data to predict opioid overdoses in specific U.S. regions, creating models that use Google search data from 12 prescription and non-prescription opioids between 2005 and 2011 in nine U.S. metropolitan areas to predict overdoses from heroin.
  • 57% Of Consumers Require Five-Star Online Rating
    A report released Friday found consumers read an average of 10 reviews before trusting a business, and 40% are only impacted by reviews written within the last two weeks.
  • Captify Hires Former Data Lead At L'Oreal
    Aruna Paramasivam, a former data lead at L'Oreal, also worked at MediaMath and Yahoo. At Captify she is looking to give publishers insights on site visitors to help shape marketing strategy.
  • Search Volume Declines The Week Of Cyber Monday
    Searches declined on Google, Bing and Amazon for the 7 days ending Dec. 1, which means the decline includes the number of searches on Cyber Monday vs. the prior week.
  • Average Order Values Fall As Mobile Purchases Rise
    Brands that saw a 4% decline in their average order value Thanksgiving Day weekend -- although consumers spent more -- are not alone. Consumers tend to spend less per purchase on mobile devices. And with the rise of spend on mobile, the AOV fell.
  • J.C. Penney Got Its Search Groove Back For Black Friday
    This year JCPenney.com became the most-clicked advertiser for Black Friday paid-search keywords in the U.S.
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