• Persuasion On The Search Results Page
    Chris Copeland took out 2007 with one last jab at the whole "agencies getting it" thing. Much as I'm tempted to ring in the New Year by continuing to flog this particular horse, I'm going to bow to my more rational side. As Chris and Mike Margolin both rightly pointed out in their responses to my columns, we all have vested interests and biases that will inevitably cause us to see things from our own perspectives. Frankly, the perspective I'm most interested at this point in this debate is the client's, as this will ultimately be a question the marketplace …
  • 22 Considerations for Improving Natural Search Performance
    Today is the first working day in 2008 for most Search Insider readers, and it seems apparent that just about every marketer and IT department is going to have at least some level of natural search optimization on the radar. So let's jump right in and start thinking about natural priorities that could potentially keep us busy throughout this year and beyond.
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