• Search Angst At The Social Ad Summit
    At the Social Ad Summit this week in New York City, Facebook may have been the most buzzed-about company on stage, with everyone from agency execs to application developers discussing their thoughts on the belle of the network ball. JP Morgan's Deborah Korb Maizner was the most direct, saying that when her company used social networks for recruiting, Facebook had the right caliber of candidates, while MySpace users weren't in the same league. While the comment reeks of elitism, Quantcast backs her up, noting Facebook users have significantly higher education and income levels than MySpace users.
  • Is The Future of Media Buying Already Here?
    This week I was excited to learn that Google and NBC Universal struck a deal to allow Google to sell select TV inventory by leveraging its Google TV platform and Dish Network set-top-box data. Although the deal will only provide advertisers with the ability to buy inventory on the Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, Sleuth and Chiller channels, I believe this deal signals the next generation of media buying. Fortunately, for search marketers living in a world where strategic planning and campaign management already beats to a data-centric, real-time, technology-driven drum, we're all positioned nicely to capitalize on this evolution (and …
  • The Search Industry's Private Parts
    Google's Chrome browser launched last week amid the dramatic fanfare you'd expect from the debut of a Google browser. Unlike recent, less successful launches (Cuil comes to mind), Chrome's been well received. I myself am pretty happy with it, although my Search Insider colleague David Berkowitz switched back to Firefox less than a day after switching forward.
  • False Memories: Was That Bugs Bunny, Or Just My Imagination?
    I've talked about how powerful our mental brand beliefs can be, even to the point of altering the physical taste of Coke. But where do these brand beliefs come from? How do they get embedded in the first place?
  • Keyword Analysis Of The McCain And Obama Acceptance Speeches
    While tag cloud generators are all the rage for visually analyzing the text content of various popular Web sites and documents, I decided to go back to an old-fashioned "keyword density" analyzer tool to take a look at Obama's and McCain's recent party nomination acceptance speeches. Keyword density tools have been used by search optimizers for many years to determine the keyword frequency and weight of words and phrases on a Web page.
  • What I Learned On My Summer Spin Vacation
    The longest vacation I've taken was my summer trip contributing to MediaPost's Online Spin. Over the past three months, I explored the jungles of the elusive SearchMonkey, went shopping for precious Chrome, and tried to avoid coming down with a nasty case of Jewdar. If you haven't checked out Spin, here's a chance to catch up. If you've been reading all along, this includes some updates and reflection on what happened, so it's not your typical highlight reel.
  • Is The Ad World Finally Taking SEM Seriously?
    As Advertising Week approaches (Sept. 22-26 in New York http://www.advertisingweek.com/), it's a good time for us in SEM to take stock of what we do, and how we fit into the larger world of advertising. Are we really part of it? (A lot of "real world" advertising people would say no: our whole industry is just a part of the "below the line" DR/promotional end of it). Do we even want to be part of it? (Say every nasty thing you want about us gear-heads, but at least we don't advise our clients to waste clients' money on unmeasurable media, …
  • When The Going Gets Tough, Will Advertisers Get Going?
    Every week studies, research and data are released that paint a picture of the advertising industry. And right now that painting would be something straight out of the Picasso Blue Period. The overall economic data from housing to job is not exactly rosy -- and the forecast for 2009 in the domestic advertising space, without the Olympics and a presidential election, is not far behind. So, the following recently released studies and their associated data points got me thinking about the choices search provides advertisers moving into 2009.
  • There's More To Coke's Brand Than Taste
    Last week, I looked at the unprecedented backlash against the introduction of New Coke. The fervor of the protest took everyone by surprise, especially flabbergasted Coke executives (and truth be told, Pepsi brass as well). After all, New Coke was subjected to exhaustive consumer testing in the lab, and the results were clear: most people preferred the taste. So why did something that did so well in the lab fail so miserably in the real world? Why were people so passionate about brown, sugared water? Baylor University neuroscientist Read Montague set out to find out why in 2003.
  • If I Were Running Yahoo...
    August was a busy month for me. In addition to my day job helping run Resolution Media, I took a stab at running Google and Microsoft -- all while tending to my 5-month-old, Eliara, launching a new digital marketing and media blog, and sitting on a keynote panel at SES. Today, I'll share my 2 -- er, 10 cents on what I'd do if I were Chief Yahoo.
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