• Adding Podcasts To Your Content Marketing Mix
    Of all the elements of a good content marketing strategy, audio -- or podcasts ---is the one least embraced by marketers. There's a lot of good reasons for this: podcasts are not as widely consumed as video, blog posts, photos or games; and, producing a podcast isn't as easy as many of the other content types. So why bother?
  • MSFT+Xbox+Facebook+Bing+Skype
    Coming off the heels of the Search Insider Summit on the beautiful Captiva Island, Fla., I find myself in Barcelona discussing the evolution of marketing. While at SIS, I spoke about how search is strategically critical for an agency, railing on about the lack of focus on search at the search conference. While data, analytics, mobile, and social are all important elements to address -- search is a key thread across all of them.
  • New Circles of Intimacy: Presenting In The Social Sphere
    The recent Search Insider Summit provided me with a real-world example of how our world is connecting in new ways.
  • Exploring The Importance Of 'Who' In B2B Search
    In my first column this year, I set my sights on reinventing B2B search best practices. In that piece, I alluded to a "holy grail" for program analytics where B2B marketers could drill into search query patterns by organizational size and individual roles in the company -- essentially, uncovering and optimizing for the "who" in search. While this type of intelligence isn't commonly used today, it should be if B2B marketers are serious about installing a legitimate competitive advantage.
  • How Agencies Can Stay Abreast of Google's Latest News
    Yesterday, the Google AdWords Agency blog announced the recent release of a new Google site, Google for Agencies, dedicated to "provide access to the programs, tools and resources" available from Google. So what are all of the tools available to agencies from Google? Here's my rundown:
  • Producing Good Video As Part Of Good Content Strategy
    One of the least understood but most effective forms of marketing content these days is the mighty video. More and more, there is evidence that people engage with brands more completely thanks to video, which can lead to better sharing metrics, improved conversion rates and increased demand generation.
  • Google Extends Instant Previews to Paid Search Ads
    Earlier this year Google reintroduced a feature whereby a Google desktop-end user could preview a web page by clicking on small magnifying glass icons next to organic listings on the search engine results page (SERP) of Google.com. Recently Google released news that it was extending this preview feature to desktop paid search ads on Google.com
  • Uncovering The 'Curse Of Captiva'
    "May you live in interesting times...." Those six words pretty much sum up the theme of the three-day Search Insider Summit, kicking off on Captiva Island, Fla. But that well-known quote is both a blessing and a curse. On the surface, it appears to be a benevolent wish of good will, but lurking just under the surface lays a malevolent storm that can rip organizations and institutions apart.
  • The 10 Plagues Of Facebook Status Updates
    With the recent Jewish holiday of Passover (as told via social media in this genius video) in mind, I'd like to share the 10 plagues of Facebook status updates. If someone you know has been afflicted, please post this column to their wall and (in the spirit of #3 below) let them figure out which one they, or rather, YOU are suffering from.
  • Rich Snippets: What Are They? Why Should You Use Them?
    So you want to improve your visibility in the search engines. You've got a well-optimized site, so what else can you do to draw attention to your search result? Rich snippets may be the answer.
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