• Brexit Content Driving Google Searches To Publishers
    Most people searching Google for information about Brexit are clicking on links that send them to the BBC, "The Guardian" or "The Independent," according to data released Thursday.
  • Google Earbuds Get Into Consumers' Heads
    The earbuds have hands-free access to Google Assistant and a built-in microphone that allows wearers to say what they're searching for. Users can answer their phone with a tap on the earbud.
  • Apple Defends Sharing Browser Data With Google, Tencent
    The feature being debated is built into Apple's Safari web browser for Macs, iPhones and iPads. It is designed to warn people when they visit sites that hackers create to trick them into sharing login passwords.
  • Can Toys R Us Bring Back Target's Online Toy Shoppers?
    Jumpshot saw "a fair amount of overlap in the kinds of toys that did well for Toys R Us and Target online, so the partnership makes sense." Target should have the ability to increase the buys from the same type of consumer, according to the data. If they have the inventory in the local store, I say.
  • Voice Enables Local Businesses To Compete With Amazon
    Voice search and services are increasingly becoming an important part of selecting a local retailer, says Ashwin Ramesh, CEO of Synup.
  • Bing Adopts Google Chromium-Based Edge Browser
    The move will result in less fragmentation of the web, especially for SEO professionals and web developers, and fewer SEO compatibility problems, wrote Fabrice Canel, principal program manager at Bing, in a blog post.
  • Newswire Moves Into Earned Media Managed Services
    The managed service focuses on performance-based marketing and is aimed at turning news into earned media to increase brand awareness, says Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's new director of earned media strategy.
  • Nextdoor Dabbles In Hyper-Local Advertising
    Neighborhood social network Nextdoor has introduced Local Deals, which allows businesses, service providers and neighbors for hire to target ads and marketing to the people in their neighborhood.
  • Microsoft Advertising Rethinks Terminology To Sync With Marketers
    Microsoft Advertising said it wants to make it easier for marketers to understand the lingo in its search platform. Starting Monday, it's making a few changes to its naming process. Marketers continually add words to their keyword approach to keep up with changing terminology.
  • Inaccurate Business Information Across Google Sites Means Missed Revenue, Study Finds
    Basic digital business information should be easy to manage, but 71% of survey respondents report seeing inaccurate business information when searching for details about a retail store.
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